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Toyota TBN

Customer Overview
Toyota TBN (Toyota TBN Co., Ltd.) is one of the largest official Toyota dealers in Thailand. Based in Bangkok and having more than 700 employees, Toyota TBN is a car dealership that sells Toyota vehicles in Thailand.

Toyota TBN as a car dealership possesses an important stock of expensive cars. With an open place with extremely large showrooms, it is important for Toyota TBN to make sure that its assets are protected.

Toyota TBN applied a full range of video surveillance systems, however storing, transmitting and retrieving the video surveillance data was easily affected by other applications.

Also with the Headquarters in Bangkok and two other key branches, large video and other files were not easy to transmit between different sites.

Toyota TBN deployed 3 SANGFOR WANOs in the Bangkok Head Office and the other key branches to accelerate the transmission speed of data. Transmission of video files are now much quicker than before. File sharing such as pricelist or training files between different sites is becoming more efficient. Most of the files are the same and Sangfor WANO using Byte Cache technology can prevent repeated data transmission over the WAN and save a lot of bandwidth.

Besides, Toyota TBN regularly uses video conference to communicate with its different branches and was using Polycom video conference system. Because of the bandwidth limitation, mosaics and delays often happened and greatly affected the user experience. With Sangfor WANO, images are now smooth and there are no more delay or freeze thanks to Sangfor HTP (High Speed Transmission Protocol) technology.

Customer Testimony
“We would like our employees to focus on providing excellent customer service rather than the cars but surveillance video files are large and not easy to transmit between sites.

SANGFOR WANO can do QoS and bandwidth management for our video surveillance system and speed up the transmission between sites.” “Video conference is quite important for our intercommunication, but also requires a stable network environment. SANGFOR WANO can effectively optimize the video conference between our sites and improve our using experience.”

“Our staff need to share files like price list, new car knowledge and sales experience frequently, while most of those files are the same and transmitting those redundant files is a waste of bandwidth. The Data Reduction function of SANGFOR WANO is very useful and helpful.”
- IT manager of Toyota TBN

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