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Customer Overview
Founded by Dr Lui Che-woo in 1955, K. Wah Group is a multinational conglomerate principally engaged in properties development and investment, mega entertainment and leisure resort, hospitality, and construction materials, with market presence spanning Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia and major cities in the US.

The Group has over 200 subsidiaries, including two Hong Kong-listed flagships K. Wah International Holdings Limited and Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited . Other major subsidiaries include Stanford Hotels International and K. Wah Construction Materials Limited and, for the US businesses, Stanford Hotels Corporation and Cresleigh Homes Corporation. The Group is supported by more than 30,000 employees worldwide.

For the main office in Hong Kong, K. Wah Group wanted to improve their employees’ productivity by better understanding their behaviors and improve the bandwidth usage by restricting non-work related applications & websites.

With more and more enterprises becoming the target of hackers, K. Wah Group needed a way to protect its network and avoid the possibility of confidential information leakage.

As one of the leading real estate empire in Asia, K. Wah Group often receive many VIP customers, partners as well as government officials. They needed a way to let them easily connect to the office wireless network while guarantee the network security. With the growing trend of BYOD, K. Wah Group also needed a new way of authenticating employees who were using their mobile phones & tablets for work.

Sangfor Solution
By deploying Sangfor IAM (Internet Access Management) solution, K. Wah Group is now able to have a comprehensive overview of its network by visualizing its users, their behaviors, the applications used and traffic.

K. Wah Group can control which website & application can connect to the network so that they can save the bandwidth for business-critical applications. By controlling these, K. Wah Group can also increase the work productivity of its employees and by analyzing their usage behavior, K. Wah Group can set specific network policies.

Sangfor Solution
Before deploying Sangfor NGFW (Next Generation Firewall), Sangfor provided K. Wah Group with a free health check of its network to check if there were any vulnerabilities.

By installing the NGFW in mirror mode, the health check didn’t affect the network and performance of the previous Firewall. Sangfor was able to find out several vulnerabilities such as the well-known “Heart Bleed” malware.

The report also indicated that the Email System security was unsatisfactory due to a number of users with weak password. Sangfor also found that several employees’ mobile phones were affected by malware.

After noticing that the previous Firewall couldn’t detect the above issues, K. Wah Group decided to replace it with Sangfor NGFW. As the first Next Generation Firewall to combine both WAF (Web Application Firewall) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), K. Wah Group’s servers are now protected against all possible attacks to its Web Applications such as Email System or Public Website.

With the APT detection & protection feature of the NGFW, the employees’ endpoints are now protected against the Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and can avoid the possibility of confidential information leakage from their devices.

Network Topology


The previous Wi-Fi router used by K. Wah Group was not capable of supporting a large number of users and its security features as well as authentication methods were quite limited.

By using Sangfor WLAN Enterprise Wireless solution, K. Wah Group can now bind LDAP with 802.1x authentication and ensure that every employee’s device are assigned to one account to keep track of their activities and ensure the network security.

Since K. Wah Group receive visitors on a daily basis, they chose to provide them with a QR Code authentication method to access the wireless network. Sangfor WLAN can generate this QR Code and guests only have to scan it once and their device will be registered before accessing the internet. Each guest will be assigned with a certain bandwidth limit to ensure the user experience and non-authorized websites such as pornographic content are blocked.

Sangfor Solution

With Sangfor IAM/NGFW/WLAN solutions deployed, K. Wah Group managed to optimize and secure its network. The internet access is now regulated, accelerated, more stable and secure. Employees and visitors can now experience an enhanced wireless environment.

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