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Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.

Customer Overview
Industrial Bank (CIB) was established in August 1988 and headquartered in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It is one of the first batch of joint-stock commercial banks approved by the State Council and the People's Bank of China. On February 5, 2007, Industrial Bank was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 601166) with a total registered capital of 10.786 billion CNY.

The Bank main business activities are divided between Personal Banking (deposit, loans, etc.), Corporate Banking (financial bonds, letters of credit and guarantee facilities, etc.) and Institutional Banking (settlements and sales of foreign currencies, purchase and sales of government bonds and financial bonds, etc.).

The CIB is one of the fastest growing bank in China with 79 branches and 662 sub-branches in major cities of China.  As part of its expansion plans in the Greater China region, the CIB has opened its first Hong Kong branch in 2014.

The CIB was facing several issues with the Proxy Server used due to its lack of required functionality and flexibility. They couldn’t properly manage their users, control their access as well as their behaviors. The lack of reporting tool was difficult for the IT managers to see what was happening in the network and the lack of logs was inconvenient in case of incidents. They also needed a way to control the applications in the network and improve the connection speed.

Sangfor Solution
By deploying SANGFOR IAM, they can control the access of their users, assign group users and restrict their behaviors when it’s necessary. As a reputable bank and to protect its valuable information & data, they needed a way to control the information going in & out. With the IAM, they are now able to audit the content going through their network which includes items such as emails & IM and save the logs for further use.

Thanks to the Application Control feature of SANGFOR IAM, they can also control which applications can be used in their network, control what they do (for example block file sharing on IM applications) and reduce the bandwidth usage of non-business critical applications, which improve the speed of their internet connection.


Internet Access Management
- Monitor Internet Access Traffic
- Full Network Visibility for Risk Analysis
- Control Applications on the Network
- Control Unwanted Internet Access
- Optimize Internet Access Speed

Fig.1 : Control Panel in IAM with Application & User Flow Ranking, etc.

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