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Bank of China

Customer Overview
Bank of China Limited (BOC) is one of the 5 biggest state-owned commercial banks in the People's Republic of China. It was founded in 1912 by the Republican government to replace the Imperial Bank of China.

It is the oldest bank in mainland China still in existence. As at 2009, it was the second largest lender in China overall, and the 5th largest bank in the world by market capitalization value.

It is the most international of China's banks, with branches on every inhabited continent. Outside of mainland China, BOC also operates in 27 countries and areas including Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia, Hungary, United States, Panama, Brazil, Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Zambia, South Africa, and a branch office in the Cayman Islands.

At the time of that project, BOC was just recently listed on the stock market in Hong Kong and Shanghai. As a listed company, BOC needed to comply with strict monitoring and security management rules for its internal network.

It was also a way for BOC to strengthen its internal management and meet the international standard of the financial industry.

BOC (Guangdong Branch) made a lot of in-depth research and tested many network management devices from different brands but in the end, Sangfor was chosen as the best vendor in terms of quality, price and performance.

Sangfor IAM allows BOC to manage its user’s online behavior using rigorous authentication and access rules. With IAM, it is now possible for BOC to control the traffic of its internal users by creating user groups and user ID for quota & restriction. For example, the staff from the accounting department would be restricted to use online chat software such as Skype or QQ but the General Manager of the branch would not be subject to the same restriction.

Key features such as URL filtering, keyword filtering, upload & download limit, deep content inspection, mail filtering capabilities, etc. have completely satisfied the needs of BOC (Guangdong Branch).

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