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SANGFOR's AD Enters China Construction Bank's Core Service Network


Recently, China Construction Bank (CCB) joined hands with SANGFOR in the commercial code equipment room project.It has purchased multiple AD devices from SANGFOR as servers for the CA unified authentication platform. With this platform, CCB can issue and manage certificates for all applications which require certificate authentication.By means of abundant load algorithms, SANGFOR's AD can help CA servers to achieve load balancing, that is, to make good uses of server resources and improve service processing efficiency.

Early CCB held the 2014 load balancing product competition, which sets technical indicators, like stability and processing performance, as the evaluation standards, attracting various manufacturers from China and abroad. At the end, SANGFOR's AD stood out from the competition with its excellent design and performance, and entered into CCB's product procurement category, changing the situation when foreign brands took the lead in the AD market. 

In addition to CCB, the national financial regulators like State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), and People's Bank of China, joint-stock banks like China Merchants Bank, and China Minsheng Banking Corp . Ltd ., and rural commercial banks like Henan Rural Credit Union, and Harbin Rural Credit Union, etc. have applied SANGFOR's AD products to their core service systems or administrative service systems.  

All these moves convey a message that the financial industry ,which has extreme high standards for service continuity, has found a mature and self-controllable AD partner in China. According to Frost & Sullivan's market analysis report in 2013, SANGFOR has taken up 14.1% market share in China, surpassing Radware to be NO.2 and shortening the distance from F5. It remains to be the leading domestic brand in the AD industry. 

See the financial localization process from CCB's application of SANGFOR's AD
CCB's procurement of domestic AD products follows the trend of localization at present.In September 2014, China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) released NO.39 document, which offers guidance on strengthening bank network security and information construction with safe and controllable information technologies.It is just a framework, without any implementation details.

According to, the CBRC held a video and telephone conference with financial institutions and regional CBRC on January 15, discussing how to promote safe and controllable information technologies in banks in 2015. 

This conference first clarified that in the NO.39 document of the CBRC, controllable technologies indicate the localization progress, which is inevitable for China's strategic development. 

According to the NO.39 document, two quantitative indexes will be added to banks' annual assessment in 2015. First, each financial institution should increase the application rate of safe and controllable information technologies by 15% or more starting from 2015, and reach 75% of the total by 2019. Note that the technologies and products used in 2014 can be brought into performance assessment of 2015.

Second, each financial institution should set aside at least 5% annual information budget for making perspective, innovative, and planned researches on its safe and controllable information system, and helping its staff to masters core information knowledge and skills.

Besides, the conference suggested that banks should think about domestic products. However, instead of replacing products purely, these banks can achieve the self-reliant goal only by making independent solutions and building their own technical systems. 

In terms of current policies, China's localization process is accelerating on both government and financial procurement levels. It will greatly affect the foreign enterprises who have thrived depending on financial customers. However, the localization process might bring great benefits to domestic IT manufacturers.

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