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Chinese Academy of Governance


As an important base for training high level management personnel and policy research talents of the State Council, the Chinese Academy of Governance has been investing a lot in the construction of advanced information technology, aiming at ensuring that the institute can constantly innovate in teaching reform, research consulting, electronic government and such.


Chinese Academy of Governance has started digitalizing its campus platform and related application systems since 2005. At the beginning they allocated one server/storage for each system. With the continuous development of digitalization, not only did they have to re-purchase equipment again and again, but they were also looking at managing over 100 units. Maintaining and managing all of them is an enormous workload, not to mention the poor equipment utilization rate.

After adopting server virtualization, the server resource utilization has been improved significantly. However, storage/network/security functions are still in traditional architecture, they simply can’t fast match with server resource adjustment. It sometimes takes days or even weeks to get a new application system online, thus limiting the flexibility of the entire IT system.



6 of the organization’s existing servers are used to deploy Sangfor HCI platform to virtualize the physical hardware - compute/network/storage/security – into one resource pool, to carry out all the workload of teaching, scientific research and office systems.


  • Simplify network topology to "server and switch" mode
  • Simplify O&M with intuitive management and automation
  • Scale out on demand in the future
  • Significantly reduce TCO

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