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Rochdale Spears Vietnam


Customer Background

Rochdale Spears is a very successful Group which designs, manufactures and distributes designer home furnishings and decorative accessories through high-end distributors and retailers in USA and the new internet platform for international distribution, Resource Decor. The Group continues to grow rapidly with almost 4,000 employees in Vietnam across 5 manufacturing plants, headquarter in Hong Kong and offices in the US. They deliver outstanding business results while being responsive to our customers, our employees, and the environment.

Customer Challenge/Demand

Customer has multiple factories in Vietnam, one of them is to be closed. They are going to build a new factory 5 KM away from the old one and relocate the old DC to a DR site 50KM away. Servers running in this to-be-closed factory are quite old and even though they are virtualized by Hyper-v, the performance still can’t catch up with the applications’ needs. Moreover, management for these servers remains a nightmare for the engineers. Customer were looking for traditional architecture at the beginning with Dell server +SAN storage. However, the high cost, time-consuming purchase and implementation process as well as the complex O&M made them turn around and search for something simpler and more cost-effective.

Sangfor HCI Solution

After being introduced to Sangfor HCI solution, Rochdale Spears has shown great interests in the simple & fast deployment, scalable architecture and intuitive management of HCI. Furthermore, not only can Sangfor provide compute, storage and networking resources on HCI for their new DC construction, but also security functions and future-proof technologies for SDDC evolution.

Some Highlights:

- 24 VMs in Hyper-v and 8 physical servers are migrated to Sangfor HCI in new DC

- Incredibly fast deployment and application on-line speed as opposed to traditional solution, days VS weeks

- 50% CAPEX reduction compared to traditional solution yet with equal performance

- Simplified O&M makes IT team more efficient and innovative

- Scale-out-on-demand maximizes customer’s flexibility in business

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