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Rochdale Spears

Customer Overview

Rochdale Spears is a very successful conglomerate, using brick and mortar stores and an online platform to design, manufacture, and distribute designer home furnishings and decorative accessories for high-end distributors and retailers in USA and globally. The Group continues to grow rapidly with almost 4,000 employees in Vietnam, across 5 manufacturing plants, headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in the US. They deliver outstanding business results while being responsive to customers, employees, and the environment.

Customer Challenges & Requirements

When Rochdale Spears closed one of their Vietnam based factories, planning to build a new factory 5 KM away from the old location, they decided to relocate their old DC to a DR site 50KM away. Servers running in this to-be-closed factory were end of life, and even though they were virtualized by Hyper-V, they were performing well below the needs of applications. Moreover, management of these servers was a constant nightmare for engineers. Rochdale Spears was first searching for traditional architecture, with Dell server +SAN storage, however the high cost, time-consuming purchase and implementation process as well as the complex O&M, made them rethink their decision and search for something simpler and more cost-ffective.

After becoming aware of the Sangfor HCI solution, Rochdale Spears was intrigued by the simple & fast deployment, scale-out architecture and intuitive management of. Not only could Sangfor provide compute, storage and networking resources on HCI for their new DC construction, but also security and future-proof technologies for SDDC evolution.


-24 VMs in Hyper-V and 8 physical servers were migrated to Sangfor HCI in new DC.
-Incredibly fast deployment and application on-line speed as opposed to traditional solution which required weeks for deployment vs. days with HCI.
-50% CAPEX reduction with equally high performance compared to traditional solutions
-Simplified O&M improves efficiency and enables innovation.
-Scale-out on demand features maximise flexibility.

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