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Oppo Electronics

Customer Overview
OPPO Electronics Corp. is an electronics manufacturer based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Its major product lines include MP3 players, portable Media players, LCD-TVs, eBooks, DVD/Blu-ray Disc players and mobile phones.

Since the start, OPPO products have pushed boundaries. The 6.65 mm OPPO Finder was released in mid-2012, at the time it was the thinnest smartphone in the world. Later that year, OPPO announced one of the world’s most anticipated smartphones, the OPPO Find 5. Featuring a 5” 1080p display and 13 megapixel stacked CMOS sensor, it was the world’s first smartphone with hardware supported HDR.

OPPO Electronics Corp. initially invested in 10 internet access lines for running Business Systems and User’s surfing on the web. With the increasing number of data loss events, OPPO attaches great importance to the security of its internal internet access and business systems. As a growing player in the international market, it’s important to prevent any data leakage which could benefit its competitors.


In order to effectively avoid company business systems and users’ access information from being directly exposed to the Internet, OPPO eventually chose Sangfor Next Generation Firewall (NGFW).

By deploying Sangfor NGFW, OPPO can now protect itself by having a 7-layer in-depth security protection while minimizing the maintenance work of the IT team. Available Reporting Tools also make it easier for OPPO to analyze its system and detect potential vulnerabilities.

Sangfor NGFW has outstanding performance in aspects of application layer protection, data security and especially in the field of information leakage prevention.

Customer Quotation: “ The deployment of Sangfor NGFW not only provides integrated 7-layer in-depth security protection for the Internet gateway of OPPO’s data center, but also saves the cost of purchasing superfluous additional security equipment, achieving the initial requirements of maximizing the investment benefit and minimizing the security maintenance for us.” - OPPO Electronics Corp. (Translated from Chinese)


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