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Golden Dragon Group Co. Ltd Macau


Customer Background

Macau Golden Dragon Group is founded in Macau in 1991, it has a wide range of business, including retail sales of home appliances and digital products, energy exploitation, real estate investment and management, R&D and production of high-tech products, security guard systems, tourism, entertainment and hotel management.

Customer Challenge/Demand:

Golden Dragon Group required a new data center for its travel agency in Macau to run their APPs and database in the servers; at the same time, they also needed SAN for data storage. At the beginning, they decided to buy 2 database servers, 4 APPs servers and SAN storage, a FC switch for the communication between servers and SAN, as well as 2 firewall appliances for the DC security.

Customer Concerns:

- Budgetary concern. This is a newly built data center, appliances need to be purchased for all functions. Initial investment could be very high if they used the server+ SAN solution.
- TTM (time to market). The project must be online within two months. Traditional way combines different brands of appliance into one solution, which means buying different vendors’ products, making the delivery time and business online time longer than three months.
- Operation and maintenance. Only one IT administrator will be needed for the simplified O&M

Customer’s Attempt in Competitors:

- Vendor V was once considered as the server virtualization solution. They offered Golden Dragon server and storage virtualization solution with a much higher cost than customer’s budget.
- What’s more, customer needed firewall for network security, and planned to buy two sets of vendor F firewall for HA. But that would be two more appliances needing maintenance, making O&M even more difficult.

Sangfor HCI Solution:

- Compared with traditional servers + SAN + firewall, Sangfor offers 2 HCIs for the installation of 4 Windows 2008 servers and 2 Oracle databases as well as virtual firewall. The whole TCO could be reduced up to as much as 50%, below is some brief comparison:

*Sangfor solution could cut cost to up to at least 50%!

- With our virtual platform, one unified management platform can do all the O&M work. With this platform, we have the ‘What You Think is What You Get’ interface to do the construction of the whole IT diagram. The whole deployment of HCI appliances is within one day. And with this interface, it could fasten the IT business online time and make O&M of virtual server easier. The business online time is within schedule in two month!

- By using the server, storage and network virtualization, customer can now easily expand their business by creating the new VMs, with short TTM.

- The IT staff are now spending less time on managing the entire IT system and have more time to do IT analysis job!

- Also, Sangfor HCI have Oracle RAC option to optimize the Oracle RAC database operation.

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