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Nippon Express


Customer Overview
Nippon Express offers a wide range of logistics solutions, meeting the needs of customers in every business category, covering diverse business conditions.

Nippon Express services expand the globe, achieving a five-point framework across Japan, the Americas and Europe, and stretching into the rapidly developing markets of East Asia, South Asia and Oceania.

The company was established in 1937 in line with the Nippon Tsu-un Kaisha Law as a semi-government transportation service. Its head office is based in Tokyo, Japan.

With more and more employees joining the Singaporean subsidiary, the IT department faced many challenges with users complaining about the slowness of the network.

There didn't have any monitoring tools and couldn't find the reason. It was having an important impact on the work productivity of employees and critical business applications.

Nippon Express SG was looking for a network monitoring system solution to help them locate the source of the network slowness. However a traditional monitoring solution is not helpful if you cannot manage and control your network.

Sangfor IAM was deployed in bridge mode in NE’s network to minimize the downtime and was easy to “plug and play” as everything can be pre-configured on Sangfor IAM. Nippon Express can now have a total control over its network by limiting the bandwidth usage of each employee.

Sangfor IAM can also restrict the access to illegal/unwanted websites such as pornography, job search, etc. as well as non-work related websites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. This easily solved the network’s slowness and increased the productivity of the employees.

Audit policy is now enabled to audit & monitor all the traffic and provide a detailed network report to the IT department.

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