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PT Asia Pacific Commodity Exchange Indonesia


Customer Background

The Asia Pacific Commodity Exchange (APCX) is a branch of the Nanning (China-ASEAN) Commodity Exchange in Indonesia. APCX provides a trading platform for upstream merchants and a downstream physical retail network. APCX plans to focus on APCX platforms for large demand for rice, sugar and agricultural and sideline food and LPG. While cross-border trade with Mexican exporters on the APCX platform. APCX has joined the local banks and financing parties to provide the necessary trade financing and cross-border foreign currency settlement services for the client organizations in need. APCX will become an important trading platform for poultry and livestock products in Indonesia. With Indonesia being the world's largest single Islamic population, APCX can also serve as a springboard through Indonesia and other countries between the Islamic industry trade.

Previous IT Infrastructure

Before setting up office in Indonesia, they put their IT into public cloud, as they didn’t have that much requirement for IT resource.  After they set up the office, and begin to prepare for their business here, they need to move the applications from cloud and also need to launch more new applications.

Customer Challenge/Demand

As their system need to be deployed as soon as possible, the IT department was looking for the traditional solutions - servers and external storage, which requires a long time to launch their business and also too expensive as they want to expand the IT resource rather than purchase lot of devices at one time.

1.     They need to set up the whole IT system within a short time because they don’t have many IT staff. And the entire implantation and deployment have to be fast and simple. Management for the whole system needs to be easy.

2.     IT system must have failover feature to minimize downtime, as they system is used for online trading.

3.     The solution has to be cost effective, as the traditional server+SAN storage solution is too expensive.

4.     Future expansion has to be effortless so that they can easily add more compute and storage resource as business grows.

Sangfor HCI Solution

Instead of using traditional IT infrastructure, Sangfor HCI puts resources into commodity servers. One cluster can provide compute & storage resources, and management is unified into one single web platform, with NFV features that can be enabled any time without adding new hardware.

By using Sangfor HCI, no external storage is needed, because we used internal storage with Sangfor aSAN technology, which provides good performance and protection of data by having two copies of policy.

The entire system was build up within one day. Customer can now easily change configurations, create new VM, and do testing before putting system online. And the total TCO is just 50% of the what traditional solutions cost.

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