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J&T Express Indonesia

Customer Background

J&T Express is an express delivery company that applies technology development as the basic system. Extensive network that owned by J&T Express facilitates express services for customers throughout Indonesia. They serve the delivery within city, inter-city, inter-provincial, and also e-commerce customer. J&T Express provides pick up service with high transmission speed, at the same time also support the growth of e-commerce business.

Customer Challenge

Due to the surge in customer traffic, the existing hardware servers have no longer been able to handle the heavy workload as well as to suit the customer's requirements for flexible expansion. If customer simply used hardware server to expand the core business group, server resources wouldn’t be used effectively; moreover, that would be inconsistent with the strategic requirements of the subsequent business expansion.

Customer Demand
In terms of business:

- In order to increase revenue, get more orders from online shopping website. J&T Express has to build more powerful business support capabilities to meet new challenges.

In terms of technology:
- It’s necessary to add new servers to hold increasing number of session connections.
- The core business system should offer zero-downtime for electronic business platform, meaning the system should run in HA mode.

- WAF, IPS as well as Access Control are necessary elements for customer network and server farm.

Customer Attempt in Other Vendors
Customer did consider the option of keep using physical server from a well-known vendor which they are familiar with, whose servers are already deployed in some core systems.
However, disadvantages of hardware server are obvious:
- Cannot satisfy the requirements of expansion flexibility.
- One business system can only be deployed on one dedicated server, and server resources cannot be fully utilized.

- Subsequent expansion can only be done by adding new servers which substantially increases costs.

Sangfor HCI Solution

aServer provides virtualization solutions. The migration to virtualization platform hasn’t affected customer’s existing core businesses, and met their needs for flexible expansion. The HA mode ensures zero downtime. What’s also achieved are fast backup and recovery, high throughput as well as high load solutions. At the end of the end, customer’s budget is saved by up to 50%.

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