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Far Eastern New Century


Customer Overview

Far Eastern Textile is a world top-five polyester supplier and one of the leading PET suppliers in Asia. Besides investing in its core business, Far Eastern Textile as the parent company of the Far Eastern Group has diversified its portfolio by investing in the cement, department stores, transportation, finance and telecommunications sectors to enhance shareholder value.

Far Eastern Textile also has significant real estate land resources in Taipei, Banqiao, Neili, and Yilan, northern Taiwan, totaling more than 14.2 million square feet, of which over 7 million square feet is available for commercial development.


With the rapid development of Far Eastern New Century (FENC), the number of production factories have increased as well as the number of employees. Hence, managing the Internet access behaviors of employees became incredibly more difficult.

Besides, the IT department of FENC wanted to effectively identify each user in their internal network. For example: internal staff, higher management staff, transferred staff from another branch and external visitors as well.

Bandwidth consumption also used to be one of the main issue. Bandwidth of work-related traffic such as ERP, CRM, and their production system were all affected by non-work related traffic such as YouTube streaming, file downloads, P2P downloads and others.

Sangfor Solution

With so many users scattered all around the branches and child companies of Far Eastern New Century, each of the user’s identity must be identified and get authenticated from a single, centralized AD authentication server.

Sangfor IAM is able to utilize the existing VPN tunnel of customer’s environment and integrate it with their Windows AD in HQ to provide an authentication platform for the end-users, which results in a win-win situation for both IT managers and end-users.

End-users can now freely surf the Internet without entering any password to authenticate as their AD account has been integrated in the Sangfor IAM, while IT administrator can effectively authenticate whoever use the Internet.

Figure 1: Branches users will be authenticated through HQ’s AD

Each of the sites or branches have been deployed with Sangfor IAM. Every single traffic packet of internal users has to go through Sangfor IAM before having access to the Internet. Therefore, all of the traffic can be managed by the advance application and bandwidth control of Sangfor IAM. Furthermore, all of these application identification processes would be pre-defined and updated periodically and automatically (twice every month) to ensure better accuracy.

Figure 2: Each site has been deployed with Sangfor IAM

Sangfor IAM helps to increase the productivity of Far Eastern New Century by eliminating non-work related Internet access while at the same time ensuring work-related traffics’ bandwidth.

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