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PT. Sinta Prima Feedmill Indonesia

Customer Background
PT Sinta Prima Feedmill (SPF) is an integrated group of companies in the fisheries and poultry industry. Mr. Salim Soewanto and Mrs. Liliyanti soewanto as founders started Sinta in late 1960s as a modest layer farm and feed production. Currently, Sinta Group consists of three integrated companies: PT Sinta Prima Feedmill, PT Padma Karya Prima and PT Sinta Maju Abadi.

Sinta’s existing IT system still uses traditional infrastructure, which makes them face some issues. Firstly, the IT system cannot provide good performance for their ERP; as the servers have already been used for many years, and they got some problems in extension and performance, plus lacking a good way to do backup to make sure the data reliability.

Customer Requirement
- Converting the physical servers to virtualization, to improve hardware utilization and automatic backup features are needed.
- High availability and DRX feature to make sure the ERP system can be reliable and have good performance.
- Flexible future expansion, especially for storage and RAM.

Sangfor Solution

- Using Sangfor convertor software to convert the 8-physical servers to virtualization with minimum impact to the existing system.  Using two supermicro servers as the hardware.

- The automatic backup system can do the data backup based on pre-set policy, and High Availability can make sure applications running stably.
- DRX, i.e. when CPU and memory are used over 80%, they can be upgraded automatically. These features are very useful and important for the customer.
- For future extension, they can simply add hard disk and memory to the server, without adding new server, which is a big advantage compared to other vendors, and investment in IT system can be saved.
- Management is very simple, because all servers and storage would be managed by one web console, without using additional manage software like vcenter.

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