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Biel Crystal Man. Ltd. (Vietnam)


Customer Background

Biel Crystal Man. Ltd. is one of the subsidiary company of Fuji Crystal Man. Ltd. Fuji Crystal was founded in 1986, while Biel Crystal inherited most of the technologies and skills from Fuji Crystal since its establishment on 28th December of 2001. As of now, Biel Crystal have become a reputed manufacturer for mobile phones and PC’s glass panel due to their strong manufacturing resources. Their products have received good recognition from regions such as Europe and Japan.

Biel Crystal manufacturing sites were set up in several well-facilitated cities, with 26000+ manufacturing equipment in total, providing up to 60000 employment opportunities. Vietnam has been one of the manufacturing sites. It could produce up to 460 million pieces of glasses, 6.1 billion dollors of revenue annually.


Excessive Bandwidth Congestion
Biel Crystal has a massive number of employees under its production site, including the one in Vietnam, hence it is hard to control most of their Internet access behavior as well. Previously, bandwidth congestion was one of their biggest issue. Biel Crystal headquarters is located in Shenzhen, with most of their internal systems under the centralized management of the headquarters. However, most of the bandwidth has been congested by employees' non-work-related activities such as video streaming, social networking, and P2P downloading.

Corporate Data Leakage Risk
As mentioned, Biel Crystal must deal with massive number of employees, and every employee might have a chance to access to their confidential data. Hence, data leakage has been one of the key issues for Biel Crystal, due to the convenience of nowadays webmail such as “Hotmail”, “Gmail”, “Yahoo Mail” and so on.

Difficulties with Network Status Reporting
In addition, Biel Crystal has some difficulties in reporting network status of their internal environment to management. This issue has significantly reduced the value and benefits that an IT department could provide to its organization. Whenever there is an issue such as intermittent network access, nothing can be done other than manually checking out each device or appliance for anomalies, which would be a headache.

Sangfor Solution

Therefore, Sangfor has designed a solution to solve all these challenges with our Sangfor Internet Access Management (IAM). In Biel Crystal, Sangfor IAM solution has been deployed in a route mode configuration, as the gateway. With availability and productivity in mind, 2 unit of Sangfor IAM have been deployed with “Active-Passive” mode. Hence, all Internet access from the LAN segment have to pass through Sangfor IAM, and as long as it would pass through the devices, it could be monitored and controlled.

Figure 1: Sangfor IAM deployed with “High Availability” mode enabled

Sangfor IAM could help reduce bandwidth congestion by effectively identify most of the traffic that passes through it, and gain control over it. Moreover, these application identifications would be updated regularly, making it a future-proof investment for an organization.

Figure 2: Some examples of supported application identification

With the help of dynamic bandwidth management module in Sangfor IAM, traffic congestion would be a matter of the past. What’s more, work-related traffic could be optimized to gain optimal performance as well, which could significantly create value for the organization.

As from the data leak perspective, Sangfor IAM could even effectively identify those personal mail services such as “Gmail”, “Hotmail”, “Yahoo Mail” and so on, making it controllable by the administrator as well. With just a few clicks of button, all these alternatives which could lead to corporate data leakage would be eliminated. Not to mention the audit feature in Sangfor IAM, it could sneakily record chat content and emails that pass through it, which would be effective for data leak prevention.

Figure 3: Audit feature of Sangfor IAM

Furthermore, Biel Crystal can now clearly state whether what have happened to their internal network with a glance from the informational report in Sangfor IAM. Sangfor IAM can generate various kinds of reports, URL traffic ranking is one of it. It does not only allow administrator to view what kind of URL category is the most popular, it can also generate useful information such as identifying the hottest trend from it. This information would then being used by marketing or R&D to come up with new ideas or products to create value for the organization.

Figure 4: Report sample of URL Traffic Ranking in Sangfor IAM

Sangfor IAM does not only create value from its dynamic bandwidth management and access control of Internet users, it also provide useful information to the organization and work as an additional layer of protection to the corporate data as well.

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