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Hermina Hospital

Customer Overview

RSIA Hermina is an Indonesia-based private hospital operator that focuses on women and children, originally built in 1967 with only 7 beds. Hermina provides optimal and professional services for patients. The hospital strives to meet increasing needs for better services and to be consistent with RSIA Hermina Group’ s Developing Program, the “Program for Quality Improvement and Supervision” for all treatments and to support the “Quality Service Improve- ment” directive set forth by the Ministry of Health.

Customer Requirement

·Hermina manually created patient records and still used physical archives for their files.
·Replacement of current servers.
·As Hermina partnered with the Tekno5 CEO to create a Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronical Medical Record (EMR), they required a third-party server which would integrate with their systems.

Sangfor HCI Solution Benefits

·2 Dell servers with 4 sets of HCI licenses (aSV and aSAN) for pure virtualization, saving rack space.
·HA and backup functions without 3rd party software.

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