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Tai Fung Bank

Customer Overview:
Tai Fung Bank Limited, formerly Tai Fung Money Changer, was founded in 1942 by Mr. Ho Yin and several business magnates from Macau and Hong Kong. It was the first financial institution to apply to incorporate as a bank under the Macau's Decree-Law of Banking in 1971.

As a financial service provider, Tai Fung Bank requires very high levels of service efficiency and strict regulations on employee browsing access, in an effort to maintain high-level work efficiency.  Due to improperly managed user bandwidth, Tai Fung Bank found that abuse of internet connectivity was severely affecting key business functions. In this case, a highly effective bandwidth and user access management solution was needed to improve internet functionality.

SANGFOR Solution:
Sangfor IAM implemented a role-based access control policy (RBAC), restricting bank staff from accessing non work-related websites. Channel-based bandwidth control policies offer flexible and intuitive control for Tai Fung Bank, allocating guaranteed bandwidth to key work applications and websites during business hours. Post-business hours, the bandwidth allocation and traffic management policy is based on the availability of network bandwidth while bandwidth-consuming applications are allocated to a restricted channel or are simply blocked. With a built-in diversified report centre, IAM provides comprehensive usage reports including top traffic users and top applications among others. Detailed IAM reports allow IT administrators to quickly assess the status of the network and adjust policy based on user needs.

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