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Philippines Nationwide College STI


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STI College is a private K-12 school with its main office located in Manila (Philippines). In order to make the internet widely accessible on all its campuses, Wi-Fi access is offered to both students and faculties, which is separated from the school’s existing wired network.

This increased the security challenges for the IT team due to the lack of control over inappropriate content (e.g.: pornographic or gambling) and over students who were wasting time on non-school related websites such as Facebook or Twitter.
In the attempt to make core business and system stable in the office area, the school allocated a large portion of the bandwidth to core departments. The lack of bandwidth resources forced the IT team to apply strict and accurate restriction to end users. Sangfor helped protect the school’s educational network by implementing strict control over the internet access.

Business Challenges

With the continuous growth of the ITinfrastructure of STI College, the IT team must continuously address new challenges to keep webbased business system accessible & stable, as well as handle the numerous & increasing number of devices used by students and faculties, and allow them to access the Internet via personal devices. It was imperative that the IT team address the security implications of BYOD and understand the importance of granular management.

A Secure and Stable Connectivity

Sir Shernan Saludades and his team wanted a firewall appliance that could provide a secure and stable connectivity between headquarters and branches to keep transactions safe and well-protected. Attackers aim at a weak point without full-stack protection and use this breakpoint to intrude into the network perimeter of core production. They needed a firewall solution that could block all malicious access from remote sites to core business perimeter.

A Comprehensive Protection Solution

They also needed a solution that provided advanced threat protection to protect not only the school’s network within his own network perimeter away from targeted external threats but also from insider threats. Attackers typically target gullible users to compromise a network. This was a primary cause of concern for the ITteam as students can be vulnerable to social engineering attacks and even email attacks.

Bandwidth Management

Since total bandwidth was insufficient, and with the rise BYOD devices as education appliance, the IT team needed to ensure the bandwidth stability and authenticated devices were not abused. The main two reasons why bandwidth gets throttled in the campuses were due to unrestricted access to the internet and the second is abuse of BYOD devices.

Complete Web Protection

Undoubtedly, the use of Internet impart education efficiently. On the other hand, academies have an unavoidable and moral responsibility to protect students away from harmful content and to protect faculties and students’ private data from being leaked. To converge Internet accessibility, security, and ease-of-use were the main requirement. The very need is to create accurate policies that minimize legal concerns around improper content and also ensured safesearch websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube for education channel.

Protect “BYOD” Internet Access

The use of Wi-Fi exposes to the challenges regarding bandwidth management, online content filtering and application control. Since the use of Wi-Fi is an unstoppable trend in school, IT team still had the difficulty of ensuring that Internetand Wi-Fi access was only used for academic and productive activities.

Sangfor Solution

The IT team and the school management decided that bandwidth management, web content filtering, application control, and network protection were top priorities. Ease-of-deployment, hyper-simplified management, and zero-touch in branches are taken into consideration while selecting a security solution.

They spent countless hours assessing potential solutions and compared security products from various vendors before selecting Sangfor NGAF. The Sangfor deployment was the result of a successful free trial and convincing POC where Sangfor NGAF demonstrated its ability to address STI College’s core concerns: controlling student and employee’s internet access with a range of security features. Coupled with the ease of deployment and management, STI College, the ITteam had no doubts that Sangfor NGAF was the right choice for them.

Sangfor NGAF M5200 with Network and Web Protection

• Network Firewall

Ease-of-use is one of the major features of Sangfor, simplified firewall rules and management lead IT administrators easily define reusable objects and use them flexibly. Sangfor NGAF shapes traffic or manage bandwidth by application, URL, user or group, and even block traffic from unwanted countries or regions.

• Advanced Threat Protection

To secure entire network against sophisticated threats that seek to attack network perimeter, converged security includes APP control, web content filtering, bandwidth management, IPS, WAF, DLP, PVS, and cloud sandbox provide a comprehensive protection against APTs, C&C traffic, SQL injection and other targeted attacks. IT security team can leverage pending issue module of NGAF to recognize current issue on the entire network before they become worse.

• URL Filtering Policies

STI College can now select from over 4 million sites in 2000 categories to create safe web policies to minimize legal concerns around students and employees accessing inappropriate content and maximize academic and work productivity. The IT team can set policies to block, warn or allow sites for individual students or groups of students.

• SafeSearch, YouTube, and Google Apps

The NGAF has got some features purpose-built for education environments like SafeSearch for Google, Yahoo, and Bing, along with YouTube and anonymous proxy blocking.

The Sangfor NGAF solution offers robust and comprehensive next generation firewall protection and the security features make it the right fit for STI College. The Sangfor NGAF appliance offers:

• Layer-7 Application Control

This allows STI College’s IT team to control application traffic on the school’s network to effectively manage resource utilization and productivity. With deep layer-7 inspection and recognition, NGAF can identify over 6000 applications such as Facebook, YouTube, IM clients, and much more. The IT team can easily block, allow, or shape network traffic proactively, in real-time using our dynamic flow monitor, or based on reporting trends.

• High-Speed Sangfor VPN

The NGAF wires all branches, franchises and headquarters through Sangfor high-speed VPN. All access from branches to headquarters will be filtered by comprehensive protection features before it arrives at headquarters perimeter. Built-inkeep-livingfeature make connectivitymore stable.

The Benefits
After deploying Sangfor NGAF, the STI College’s CIO, Sir Shernan Saludades, has experienced a vast improvement in web access from the security perspective. Sir Shernan Saludades and his team have made excellent use of the several security policies to ensure internet access is strictly regulated.
Detailed logging and reporting gives Sir Shernan Saludades and his team clear insights into usage, trends, and web activity. Overall, Sangfor has helped the school proactively shape and reshape their policies, ensuring protection never interferes with student productivity.

“With the simplicity, reliability of Sangfor NGAF, we could accelerate digital transformation and next generation protection”
Shernan Saludades | CIO at STI College

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