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Below you will find all the Success Stories of Sangfor, classified by Industry, such as Enterprises, Governments, Schools & Universities, etc.

Paiho Group Vietnam

Founded by President Sen-Mei Cheng and his two brothers in 1979, Taiwan Paiho Limited gained global recognition for its Trihook touch fasteners. From traditional OEM to ODM, the Company has greatly upgraded its R&D ability and is selling its products to the world’s top 20 sport shoe brands. It has established a good reputation in the global sporting goods market by continually creating new product value and leading major brands by using innovative products. With abundant experience in shoe, garment and medical material production, the Paiho Group possesses manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Wuxi, Dong Guan and Vietnam. Additionally, the Group has established marketing bases and warehouses in California, USA, and Barcelona, Spain.


As the business of Paiho Group growing rapidly across countries, the requirement of ease in IT infrastructure management emerged. It could be denied that to manage an IT infrastructure covering from physical cabling to logical routing and switching was actually not a matter that could be consider as elementary, not to mention about the large scale of Paiho Group, with numerous number of servers scattered at each of the branches or production site, and tons of endpoint devices PC of end-users. Hence, the main challenges here is to ensure the manageability of the whole network infrastructure.

Sangfor Solution

Sangfor designed a new data center implementation plan with highly scalable structure, flexible network design & ease of  maintenance. The versatility of the combination (Sangfor VDI & Sangfor HCI) has gained customers the flexibility both on PC management as well as server management side.

Sangfor HCI

Sangfor provided HCI as one of the solution in the newly built office of Paiho Group, it helps converging the whole server farm into one single platform. It does not only help in providing easier management but increased in performance too, as there will be no more bottle neck for data traverse from one to another. Besides, availability and usability of the server could be ensured too, Sangfor HCI loaded with a High Availability features which logically running a copy of the server on another node of the Sangfor HCI cluster and it will fail-over to another copy when one failed.

What’s even better is the “What you think is what you get” feature which has already being built-in from the Sangfor HCI, it allows administrator to simply setup a data center by using the drag-and-drop screen as below. Connecting cables and installing physical devices to a server rack will be matter of past.

Sangfor VDI

Manageability of employee’s desktop PC had been given a proper upgrade by implementing Sangfor VDI. Each employee would be distributed with a thin client to replace traditional desktop PC.

These thin clients connect to the centralized virtual desktop. Employees’ desktops run virtually inside the server, only images are sent to the thin client and present to the user. By doing so, manageability and security could be enhanced, as there would be only one server to maintain and secure.

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