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Accelerating Digital Transformation with Hyperconvergence


2nd April 2019 | 10.30 AM (CET Time)

The speed at which an organization can get new products or services to market is key to securing sustainable competitive advantage. Business units expect their IT function to turn on a dime as new needs emerge.

Hyperconvergence accelerates digital transformation and can help IT radically simplify in-house infrastructure by using a “black box” approach to consolidate all the functionality required into a single infrastructure stack running on elastic processing resources. With a single, integrated, responsive infrastructure that scales readily, sitting under a single administrative umbrella, organizations can confidently take the first step towards building an ultra-efficient software-defined data center.

Join the IT Manager of Tek Automotive Massimo Bonometto and Sangfor HCI Senior Product Manager Cheney Hu in this webinar!

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