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Are You Doing It Right? Handling a Malware Outbreak


22 September 2020 | 16:00 PM (Hong Kong Time)
Are You Doing It Right? Handling a Malware Outbreak

"I believe no one will ever attack me or my organization". "I bought a firewall and antivirus software, I am protected against virus & malware attacks". Many people may have these illusions where they assume, they are the lucky one or expect consumer security products will solve every single security issue for them.

Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Some users may panic and do not know what to do after being infected by malware such as ransomware and give in to pay a ransom to get back their files, or they may handle it by themselves in the wrong way, leading to further infections. Join our webinar to learn about how to properly handle a security incident with organized and systematic ways and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Speaker: Jeffrey Lee - Sangfor Security Service Product Manager

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