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VDI Desktop Cloud Technology Introduced to Campus/VDI 桌面雲技術引入校園 - e-zone HK


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Information technology is becoming more and more widely used in local education industry. Many disciplines, such as Chinese, Mathematics, Science and even PE, can improve their teaching quality through the use of IT tools. Maxline Ltd., an IT service provider for Creative Secondary School, launched a pilot project in March to introduce Sangfor's VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) technology - aDesk, into schools. Sangfor aDesk has achieved remarkable results in centralized deployment of computer resources on the central server, and unified operation and management of the desktop via the central management platform.

Creative Secondary School - Pilot Introduction of VDI Desktop Cloud Technology
Li Zhida, Director of Information Technology and Network at Creative Secondary School, pointed out that the school has been actively investing in IT resources, such as laying out Wifi networks throughout the school and introducing the Google Classroom platform.

"In the past, maintenance, management, or installation procedures were often performed by IT technicians on the spot, or removed computers one by one to take care of it. Now, with VDI technology, software versions in the server can be delivered over the network in 5 to 10 minutes whenever installations or upgrades are made, as long as they are online." Mr Lee thinks that this new centrally-managed solution is time-saving, fast and flexible, and more importantly, can be used without replacing existing computer hardware, helping schools reduce unnecessary computer replacement costs.

Low Entry Barrier - Can be Used with School's Existing Hardware
Zoe, Customer Manager at Maxline Ltd., who has been involved in advisory work, explained that the company had been looking for a suitable VDI solution for Creative Secondary School and they found Sangfor. Sangfor had introduced this brand-new VDI desktop cloud solution, which could gradually increase the number of authorized computers according to the school's financial budget. So it is highly recommended to Creative Secondary School, which has always attached great importance to IT. She mentioned that Sangfor began to promote to local academia in 2017 and now has inplementations in more than 30 primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Li Zhida, Director of Information Technology and Network at Creative Secondary School, believes that Sangfor Desktop Cloud Solution based on VDI technology is time-saving, fast and flexible.

Maxline Ltd. Customer Manager Zoe (right) points out that Sangfor allows schools to gradually increase the number of authorized computers according to the financial budget, so the entrance barrier is low.

With the Sangfor a Desk Desktop Cloud Solution, through deep integration of front-end and back-end software and hardware, desktop is now more smooth, stable, safer and more efficient.

Sangfor Desktop Cloud Solution can be used with existing computer hardware, greatly reducing unnecessary computer replacement costs.


資訊科技在本地教學的應用層面愈來愈廣泛。不少學科如語文、數學、科學,以至體育等,都可透過使用IT工具提升教學質素。啟思中學與學校的IT服務供應商Maxline Ltd.,今年3月開始進行試點計劃,為學校引入採用 VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)技術的 SANGFOR(深信服科技) 桌面雲解決方案,將校內的電腦資源集中部署在中央伺服器,實現中央管理平台對電腦桌面的統一運作和管理,成效相當顯著。

啟思中學   試點式引入 VDI 桌面雲技術
啟思中學資訊科技及網絡主任李志達指出,校方一直積極投放 IT 資源,例如在全校鋪切 Wifi 網絡、引入 Google Classroom 平台等,校內共有接近 300 台電腦,遍佈於每個課室、實驗室及圖書館等。

「以往進行維修、管理或安裝程式,往往都需要由 IT 技術員在現場進行,或將電腦逐一搬走處理。現在採用 VDI 技術,每次安裝程式或進行升級時,只要更新伺服器內的軟件版本,就能透過網絡派送的方式,在 5 至 10 分鐘內將所有已連線的電腦進行更新。」李 Sir 認為,這套中央管理的新方案,具有省時、快捷、具彈性的特點。而且更重要的是可在毋須更換現有的電腦硬件之下使用,有助校方減省不必要的更換電腦開支。

入場門檻低   可沿用校內現有硬件
一直有份參與提供顧問意見的 Maxline Ltd. 客戶經理陳素賢(Zoe)解釋,公司一直有為校方物色合適的 VDI 方案,及至 Sangfor推出這套嶄新的 VDI 桌面雲解決方案,由於入場門檻較低,可按照學校財務預算,逐步增加授權電腦數目,因此大力推薦予一向重視 IT 投放的啟思中學。她透露,Sangfor 在 2017 年開始推廣至本地學界,現時全港已有超過 30 間中小學採用。

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