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Sangfor SD-WAN: Simplicity & Reliability for Branch and Remote Sites – Anytime & Anywhere


Sangfor SD-WAN: Simplicity & Reliability for Branch and Remote Sites – Anytime & Anywhere

Development of enterprise business, especially with growth in new regions, often faces the challenges of costly WAN bandwidth, difficulty managing branches and remote sites and the need to deliver enterprise grade service and high-availability.  Sangfor is introducing a full-range of SD-WAN solution to customers.

Gartner forecasts enterprise spending on SD-WAN products to grow at a 30.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2022 to become a $1.8 billion market.

The earliest SD-WAN solution used a hybrid WAN link to increase bandwidth, decrease MPLS costs and improve network availability, in addition to simplifying features like zero-touch deployment and a somewhat limited centralized management platform. However, most of the older SD-WAN vendors lacked the capability to simultaneously operate SD-WAN and security functions. They had not yet developed one centralized management platform with the ability to manage all related network devices, while the SD-WAN application experience was poorer than MPLS. Finally, it was notoriously difficult to upgrade an existing network to SD-WAN, requiring huge network changes and a significant amount of time, effort and cost.  


The new Sangfor SD-WAN solution simplifies all elements of deployment and management while maintaining high levels of flexibility and a cost-effective structure – perfect for organizations to effectively manage multiple branches of differing sizes and network complexity. “To ignore the needs of those organizations with branches in remote locations would be a mistake.” says Kaden Zhang, Group Vice President at Sangfor Technologies.  As a leading vendor of network security solutions, Sangfor has more experience than any traditional SD-WAN vendors and is able to implement world-class security features inside its solution. Thanks to that, Sangfor enables banks’ ATM to dispense cash, retailers to connect their sensitive POS data to the data center and remote government agencies to access a reliable & secure network – regardless of how far they are from main office or urban centers.” Moreover, a lack of IT resources in remote areas often makes operation costly and management, monitoring and operation difficult. 

SD-WAN not only simplifies deployment, management, monitoring and operations but enables application acceleration and easier network upgrades with fewer significant adjustments, no downtime, dynamic path selection and automatic fail-over. Customers can now mix and aggregate multiple network paths including MPLS, internet and wireless technologies, in one location to get enterprise level network availability and improve overall efficiency.  The Sangfor SD-WAN centralized management platform is flexible enough to support both SD-WAN components and all other Sangfor network devices. Finally, SD-WAN is scalable, with the ability to support multiple Sangfor virtual products and customer virtual machines. It deploys out of the box and on-demand with a pay-as-you-go billing structure which minimizes cost.  

Sangfor’s SD-WAN solutions are available immediately to customers in Asia Pacific and EMEA. In addition, existing Sangfor WAN Optimization customers can simply upgrade their appliances or virtual machines to get added SD-WAN feature without significant changing network infrastructure today. SD-WAN capabilities are expected to be available on other Sangfor network and security solutions in the near future.

Sangfor one-stop next generation SD-WAN solution is the best choice for those managing multiple branches on a single network – keeping networks safe and secure at every level, in every region and at all hours. 

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