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Sangfor Technologies Develops an Innovative Malware Detection Engine Powered by Artificial Intelligence


Shenzhen, China – July 13, 2018 — Sangfor Technologies, a global leader of network security & cloud computing solutions, has recently developed an Innovative Malware Detection Engine Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

“Engine Zero” has been created to ensure that zero threats will affect your network and give you a complete and holistic protection against zero-day vulnerabilities. Sangfor Engine Zero is only one of many malware inspection engines embedded in Sangfor’s network security solutions, end point solution and Neural-X cloud platform that will be released soon.

“Traditional defense such as antivirus and firewall are ineffective against rapid growing of malware and their families. It only took four days before WannaCry compromised 200,000 machines in over 150 countries” says Jason Yuan, VP of Products and Marketing at Sangfor, “In the battle between good guys and the bad guys, our customers deserve much better weapon to fight back”.

In a recent survey by Barkly of customers who had been infected by ransomware, 100% of them had anti-virus deployed. In addition, 95% of these customers had firewalls, and 77% had email security gateways.

An advanced security research team composed of data scientists, security analysts and white hat researchers are continuously developing & enhancing this engine. Engine Zero combs the entire suspected file, categorizing its finds into multiple features. All agree that machine learning is powering the way we protect ourselves and also how technology will continue to grow, and Engine Zero employs several of these effective and jaw-dropping techniques.

While money-motivated attackers have been developing and deploying more and more sophisticated ransomware, Engine Zero’s advanced AI capability has proven itself highly effective against it. The higher our success rate, the harder hackers need to work to create widespread weaponized tools that are unique or variations on known malware.

Engine Zero’s supervised training and artificial intelligence has proven itself to be the best defense against ransomware as proved in our recent test with 60,000 ransomware samples. Sangfor Engine Zero scored the highest in detection rate among similar solutions demonstrated to offer the best coverage for known and unknown ransomware even without prior training

Engine Zero is available in the next release of NGAF and other security solutions from Sangfor.

For more information about Sangfor Engine Zero, please visit our website

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