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Sangfor Launches Industry's Leading AI Enabled Cloud Platform for Threat Intelligence & Analytics at RSA 2018

Yesterday, Sangfor announced the release of a new major version of its existing Next Generation Firewall at the RSA 2018, which will include an exciting new line of threat intelligence and analytics features. At the core of this new version is Sangfor Neural-X, a cloud-based intelligence and analytic platform powered by AI to expand security detection capabilities for Sangfor’s network, endpoint and security as a service offerings. Embedded within Neural-X, Sangfor has also developed Engine Zero, an AI analyzation tool with the power to recognize existing and unknown malware & its variants and the intelligence to analyse and record newly created zero-day threats for expanded future protection.

Neural-X is Sangfor Technologies’ newest AI enabled intelligence and analytic platform designed to boost threat intelligence capabilities through the use of our newly developed ZSand, Botnet Detection, Threat Intelligence and Engine Zero technology. By combining all these intelligent and intuitive elements under the Neural-X network, Sangfor empowers its existing product line by providing timely protection against known and unknown malware, improving the detection rate and uncovering more C&C servers and compromised machines.

Sangfor also proudly introduces Engine Zero, a malware inspection engine embedded in Sangfor’s network security end-point solutions and Neural-X cloud platform. Engine Zero comes equipped to recognize tens of millions of known malware samples and employs deep learning capabilities, allowing the program to learn and grow independently and significantly reducing your risk from known and unknown malware, as well as against zero-day attacks.

We didn’t stop there. The Neural-X network is a system of interconnected elements of the best and most current technology, putting control back in the hands of the IT heroes who technically keep us all safe. Neural-X employs:

Sangfor ZSand, our newest sandboxing technology and combined with deep learning, ZSand goes beyond simple detection into analysis and proactive prevention. In recent tests ZSand was able to identify GrandCrab, Zusy, Globelmposter and LockCrypt with no previous signature – drastically reducing the risk of future zero-day attacks.

Botnet Detection has gone beyond detection of fixed IP addresses and domain names, and now Sangfor offers the analytical flexibility sorely needed. Using flow analysis, visual calculation and deep learning technology Sangfor can now uncover botnets which were previously undetectable.

Threat Intelligence offers global intelligence and view – allowing end-users to stay a step ahead of those with malicious intent. By providing real-time monitoring capabilities on an easy to use platform, a comprehensive view of the past, current and future security of your network has never been easier.

“Our customers asked for it and we are thrilled to deliver our revolutionary security platform to the public at RSA 2018.” says Jason Yuan, VP for Products and Marketing at Sangfor Technologies Inc. “We know that traditional antivirus and firewall are not comprehensive enough protection anymore with so many malware variants out there. We see the release of the Neural-X platform as arming our customers with the weapon they need and deserve to keep fighting the good fight against the bad guys.”

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