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End-to-End User Security Protection from Sangfor IAM


With business productivity hinging on the IoT, PC, servers and mobile devices, the security of your internet-connected devices has become of paramount importance.  Botnets are a very real danger to your internet-connected devices which can be controlled remotely by threat actors and made to perform specific functions like emailing spam, distributing click-fraud links and generating malicious traffic for DDoS attacks.

Traditional defenses are ineffective against the rapid growth of malware and variants, each attack putting organizations at risk of significant financial loss.  Sangfor has the solution to these problems in their newly developed multi-dimensional security engines and platforms, Neural-X, zSand and Engine Zero.

Sangfor Neural-X
Neural-X is an AI enabled cloud platform for Threat Intelligence & Analytics. Using an interconnected network of security features like Engine Zero, ZSand, Botnet Detection and Threat Intelligence and employing flow analysis, visual calculation and deep learning technology, Neural-X offers global intelligence and a global view – allowing end-users to stay a step ahead of those with malicious intent.

Sangfor zSand is virtual dynamic execution technology designed to detect unknown malware. Sangfor zSand detonates suspected malware in a safe and controlled environment and monitors the abnormal behaviors of these files for future recognition and prevention. zSand shares all data with Neural-X threat intelligence, making it possible to identify and study malware with no previously known signature and reducing the risk of future zero-day attacks.

Engine Zero

Engine Zero is an underlining malware detection engine, powered by AI technology and enhanced by a team of data scientists, security analysts and white hat researchers. Engine Zero has access to research on tens of millions of malware samples and uses AI to expand your capacity to discover unknown malware and their families.


Sangfor IAM is an expert in user internet behavior management, and in conjunction with the many capabilities of the Sangfor security solutions, provides end-to-end management and security protection for our end users.

IAM offers the most comprehensive authentication methods to verify user identity before allowing access to the network, while a security check is carried out to verify that the specified path or anti-virus software is installed.

IAM is integrated with Sangfor security platforms like Engine Zero and using supervised training and AI techniques can detect signature-based threats and block the potentially malicious connection.

Suspicious traffic and files are sent directly to zSand for deeper analysis. IAM and zSand, deep learning functions take security beyond simple detection into analysis and proactive prevention. Recently developed ransomware with no previously known signature like GrandCrab, Zusy, Globelmposter and LockCrypt, can also be detected, drastically reducing the risk of future zero-day attacks.

Malware which successfully navigates any protections in place will typically generate abnormal traffic data in an attempt to reach its C&C servers. IAM sends the malicious domain names and URL’s to Sangfor Neural-X. Using deep learning, visual calculation and flow analysis capabilities, Neural-X uncovers malicious domain names, triggering IAM to block the outbound connection and preventing subsequent attacks or protecting the user from unknowingly downloading malware.

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