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Join Your Peers in Sangfor Community and Win Amazing Gifts!

Join Your Peers in Sangfor Community
What is Sangfor Community?
Search, post, discuss and download technical documentation.
Let's get started!
Communicate with Industry
Peers and Experts
Massive Resources with Technical, Sales and Marketing Documentation
7*24 Technical Support
from Sangfor Experts
Take Exams and
Get Sangfor Certificates
Sangfor Community is a content-filled, self-service, technical support community that provides:
  • - An unique & open platform to discuss the latest IT innovations, with dedicated content for local regions in local language (such as Bahasa).
  • - IT experts with loads of technical solutions on different scenarios and convenient online technical support to make full use of Sangfor products and achieve business success.
  • - Sales & Presales with massive tools and resources to present Sangfor value proposition, analyze and fulfills customer expectations, shows Sangfor expertise, explores more opportunities and wins more deals.
Raise Question | Open Discussion | Make Suggestion | Share Experience
Newest Product & Marketing Materials
Find All the Answers You Want !
Sangfor Polo
Redmi Airdots
Xiaomi Band 4
Windows 10 License Pro
500 Coins for New Members upon Registration
One-time 10% OFF Discount in Community Store to Redeem Amazing Gifts*
*Terms and Conditions:
  • - The campaign starts on 15th July and will end on the 31st August 2020.
  • - The Expiration date of the discount for new members is from 1st August to 31st December.
  • - Please register using your corporate email address. Free email accounts will not be eligible for bonus points & gift discount.
How to Register in the Sangfor Community?
Sangfor Community provides loads of partner exclusive sales and technical documents.
1. Register with your company email address.
Verified as General Member
Even though you are not working with Sangfor yet, you can still register on the Sangfor Community to get access to the massive resources and communicate with Sangfor Experts.

Verified as VIP Member
If you are a Sangfor end user, select "I am an end user of Sangfor product (VIP)", and then input the Serial Number of Gateway ID of your Sangfor product and click "Submit" to verify your account as Sangfor VIP member.

Verified as Partner
Your account will be verified as partner account immediately if your company information is already in our system. If not, please fill in the pop window after your registration to submit a verification application. Your partnership will be verified within 1 business day.

2. Successfully verified.

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