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SANGFOR US Shared its Insights on Midsize Enterprise Summit East (MESE) in Florida

Sangfor, a web security, WAN optimization and Internet access management vendor, says that many of their midmarket customers are talking about using private cloud technologies after their hardware is fully depreciated and they are ready for an upgrade. As more applications are available on the Internet via mobile devices and cloud storage continues to gain momentum, vendors like Sangfor are looked to for security precautions. In this interview with Darwin Zeng, product manager for Sangfor, he shares some insight on what differentiates Sangfor's solutions from its competitors in the midmarket and the challenges he hears from midmarket customers.

With things like cloud, mobility and BYOD, many midmarket organizations are concerned about the security of their data.  How is Sangfor addressing the security challenge?

Zeng: More and more applications are available on the Internet and users can access them from anywhere, but these applications also expose organizations to hackers who want its' valuable data. Sangfor's next-generation firewall has web application firewalls built in, which can detect and block various kinds of attacks aiming at stealing data. Even if a hacker breaks in, our firewall will stop them from sending the data out of the organizations' server. Sangfor offers bidirectional protection.

What differentiates Sangfor's next-generation firewall from its competitors' solutions?

Zeng: Our next-generation firewall has been in the field for about 10 years, so product homogenization is inevitable. Sangfor, one of the first few next-generation firewall vendors who integrate a full functioning WAF into the NGFW, is providing the customer more value within a single appliance.

Is Sangfor hearing midmarket customers more often say that they are looking to innovate and upgrade their systems this year or just keep the lights on?

Zeng: Normally they won't change their existing systems until the end of their life cycle, and we are hearing many of the midmarket customers talking about using private cloud technologies after their hardware is fully deprecated. With software-defined networking, midmarket IT executives just need to maintain various images, giving them more time and flexibility to response to business needs.

What is the biggest challenge that you are hearing from your midmarket customers?

Zeng: The biggest challenge I hear from midmarket customers is that they are busy maintaining the current systems and infrastructures rather then responding the business needs from other business units.

How is Sangfor addressing that challenge?

Zeng: Sangfor focus on the network management and WAN optimization solutions to provide superior services that directly cater to midmarket customers unlike our competitors, which provide services through partners that normally can't solve problems as fast as a vendor could. In order to save more time for our customers, we focus more on post-sales support rather than our competitors so that our customers can have more time to deal with their business needs.

What is your advice to midmarket CIOs on how to have a successful next 6-12 months?

Zeng: This topic is big and I would focus on the network issue. If the end user is complaining that the network is slow, midmarket IT executives should reach out for network management and network optimization products that can remedy that problem and make for a faster and more efficient IT environment.

If you could describe Sangfor's solutions in just one word, what would it be?

Zeng: Optimization.

Alicia Stein
Associate Editor
The Channel Company

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