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Toyota TBN Improves its Work Efficiency with SANGFOR WANO

Dec.2013, Bangkok, SANGFOR ( is very pleased to announce its WANO (Wide Area Network Optimization Controller) has been deployed by Toyota TBN (, reported SANGFOR Thailand team.

SANGFOR (SANGFOR Inc.) is a technology leader of web security, WAN optimization and Internet access management in Asia Pacific Region; and Toyota TBN (Toyota T B N Co., Ltd.) is one of the largest official Toyota dealers in Thailand. Toyota TBN deployed 3 SANGFOR WANOs in Bangkok Head Office and 2 key branches to accelerate the transmission speed between them on Sep. 30th, 2013.

Currently, Toyota TBN has 3 offices with its head office in Bangna, District while the other 2 offices located separately in Saphansung District and Ladkrabang District.

Toyota TBN is a very open place with extremely large showrooms, which makes the property safety quite important. Thus, Toyota TBN applied a full range of Hikvision Video Surveillance system, but storing, transmitting and retrieval the surveillance videos are easily affected by other applications.

“We‘d like our employees to focus on providing excellent customer service rather than the cars, but surveillance video files are large are not easy to transmit between sites.” said the IT manager of Toyota TBN, “SANGFOR WANO can do QoS and bandwidth management for our video surveillance system, and speed up the transmission between sites.”

Besides, Toyota TBN has video conferences regularly, so they deployed Polycom videoconference system. But because of the bandwidth limitation, mosaics and delays often happen during the conference and greatly affect the using experience.

“Videoconference is quite important for our intercommunication, but also requires as table network environment.” continued the IT manager of Toyota TBN, “While SANGFOR WANO can effectively optimize the video conference between our sites and improve our using experience.”

Moreover, “Our staffs need to share files like price list, new car knowledge and sales experience frequently, while most of those files are the same and transmitting those redundant files is a waste of bandwidth.” The IT manager of Toyota TBN said, “The Data Reduction function of SANGFOR WANO is very useful and helpful.”

In the end, the IT manager of Toyota TBN smiled “We are going to open new branches soon. SANGFOR WANO is quite a helpful tool that can effectively improve our working efficiency. We are planning to deploy more in the 2nd phase for our new branches.”

About Toyota Motor Thailand

Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. (TMT) was founded in1962 and in 1979 Toyota began making pressed body parts in Thailand, in 1989TMT began manufacturing engines locally. TMT has three assembly sites in Thailand which produce 650,000 cars a year. TMT controls the manufacturing of Toyota cars in Thailand and they supply cars to various official dealers throughout Thailand. TMT's main export market is the ASEAN region and the Oceania, but TMT also export cars to different parts of the world, especially the Toyota Hilux Vigo model. There are currently 122 official Toyota dealers with 365 showrooms that are approved by TMT.


Founded in 2000, SANGFOR set a clear goal to build high-performance, reliable and secure network devices that can increase the business growth of our clients while decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) at the same time. SANGFOR concentrates itself mainly on providing excellent WAN devices to emerging segments, rather than products to solve all network issues.


SANGFORWAN Optimization (WANO) delivers multi-layer WAN optimization, improves data transmission on cables and accelerates application response, especially in high delay and high packet loss environments. The improvement of acceleration is significant with slow-responding applications such as exchange email systems.

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