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Fashion Island Leads the Network Fashion by Deploying SANGFOR IAM-Cache

Feb.2014, Bangkok, SANGFOR ( is very glad to announce its Internet Access Management (IAM) – Cache has been deployed by Fashion Island (, reported SANGFOR Thailand team.

SANGFOR(SANGFOR Inc.) is a technology leader of web security, WAN optimization and Internet access management in Asia Pacific Region; and Fashion Island (Siam Retail Development Co., Ltd. or commonly known as Fashion Island (Thailand)) is one of the largest and best shopping malls & entertainment centers in Bangkok. Fashion Island deployed a SANGFOR IAM-Cache on Sep. 14th, 2013.

Fashion Island provides both wired LAN service to internal employees and wireless Wi-Fi to external customers. “Why do we need bandwidth management?” said the IT manager of Fashion Island, “The reason is simple: our Internet bandwidth is not enough for so many people, websites and applications”

Fashion Island deployed SANGFOR IAM-Cache in double mode: the first bridge to control LAN, and the second bridge to control wireless.

“For the LAN control on our staffs, we used SANGFOR IAM authentication system to avoid internet access without identity, and we blocked P2Papplications, which always occupy huge bandwidth.” the IT manager of Fashion Island said, “By doing these, we released enough bandwidth for our business system.”

“For the wireless control on our customers, we used the URL database of SANGFOR IAM to flitter malicious websites, and caching Internet websites, such as YouTube, for wireless network.” the IT manager of Fashion Island continued, “By doing these, we guaranteed the web browsing experience for our customers.””

After deploying and using SANGFOR IAM-Cache for half a year, Fashion Island is very satisfied with the product and recommended it with another shopping mall in the same group.

About Fashion Island

Fashion Island is a shopping mall located on Ramintra Road, in Khan Na Yao district outskirt of Bangkok, Thailand. Some of the anchors are: Robinson Department Store, BigC, Major Cineplex, Home Pro and Sport Worlds.

The shopping mall also features an amusement park with a monorail circling around the mall. It is 1.4 km in length and has 4 stations. The amusement park and monorail were both shut down after an accident. On 26 June 2002, a short circuit caused one train to catch fire. The train had no circuit breaker, and the passenger compartment was not protected by fireproof insulation. Two girls, 6 and 8 years old, died in the fire, and two more children were injured from jumping out of the train.


Founded in 2000, SANGFOR set a clear goal to build high-performance, reliable and secure network devices that can increase the business growth of our clients while decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) at the same time. SANGFOR concentrates itself mainly on providing excellent WAN devices to emerging segments, rather than products to solve all network issues.


SANGFOR Internet Access Management (IAM) is designed to tackle solve a various of network problems that associate comes with network connections. With features like Internet traffic reporting and logging web log filtering, application control, bandwidth management and caching, IAM offers organizations an effective solution to visualize, control and accelerate the a visible, controllable and accelerating network, while simplify the network infrastructure at the same time.

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