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Sequislife Deployed SANGFOR IAM for A Better Tomorrow Network

Feb.2014, Jakarta, SANGFOR ( is very glad to announce its Internet Access Management (IAM) has been deployed by Sequislife (, reported SANGFOR Indonesia team.

SANGFOR (SANGFOR Inc.) is a technology leader of web security, WAN optimization and Internet access management in Asia Pacific Region; and Sequislife (PT Asuransi Jiwa Sequis Life) is one of the leading and prominent life insurance companies in Indonesia. Sequislife deployed a SANGFOR IAM in Jakarta headquarter for bandwidth management on both its server farm and publish server on Jun. 15th 2013.

Founded in 1984, Sequislife has become the largest local life insurance company in Indonesia with over 250,000 customers, 7,000 employees and 216 offices. With a rapid growth over the past 3 decades, Sequislife’s IT construction cannot catch up with the pace. 

Facing increasingly tough competitions from foreign insurance companies, Sequislife has launched new insurance products such as Investment Product, Health Riders Product, Waiver Riders Product, etc. and also integrated its traditional products like Education Product, Life Product, Retirement Product and so on. Both of them require for a better IT platform.

Sequislife had spent a lot on IT constructions in the past several years, and has achieved significant progress. Now, Sequislife has a local server farm for public customers to know, book, pay and change insurance products online and also for internal users to surf the Internet.

But the user experience was poor in peak working hours for both customers and internal staffs especially when there are always entertainment traffics such as video streaming and P2Pdownloads running over the line.

“We increasingly feel that managing traffics of user from internet and user from outside to our local webserver is a must.” said the IT manager, “Especially after the Indonesian government released the new standards and regulations for insurance industry.”

SANGFORIAM can identify websites and traffics running on the Internet and then assign bandwidth to specific users and applications. “It’s a choice not only for today, but also for a better tomorrow!”

About Sequislife

The first time it was founded in 1984, the company was named Universal Life Indo (ULINDO). In 1992, a joint venture was set up with New York Life International which led to a new name of Sewu New York Life. This alliance has brought the world’s best practices to the life insurance industry in Indonesia. In 2003, the company decided to stand on its own with a new name of Sequislife with the tagline "For A Better Tomorrow".

With a new corporate identity, Sequislife has strengthened its position in the life insurance industry in Indonesia through a strong commitment to its clients, and supported by the corporate vision and mission. The strong combination of both expertise in the life insurance industry and local knowledge have made Sequislife as one of the leading and prominent life insurance companies in Indonesia.


Founded in 2000, SANGFOR set a clear goal to build high-performance, reliable and secure network devices that can increase the business growth of our clients while decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) at the same time. SANGFOR concentrates itself mainly on providing excellent WAN devices to emerging segments, rather than products to solve all network issues.


SANGFOR Internet Access Management (IAM) is designed to tackle solve a various of network problems that associate comes with network connections. With features like Internet traffic reporting and logging web log filtering, application control, bandwidth management and caching, IAM offers organizations an effective solution to visualize, control and accelerate the a visible, controllable and accelerating network, while simplify the network infrastructure at the same time.

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