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2014 Reloaded - Sangfor 6th Partner Summit

Jan.11th – 13th, 2014 in Qingyuan, the 6th SANGFOR Partner Summit was successfully held in Qingyuan Lion Lake Sheraton Hotel with a record-breaking 470 partners worldwide --- around 350 partners in China and120 partners from overseas.

The theme of this partner summit is “2014, Reloaded”, SANGFOR mainly focused on sharing the development trends of future Internet and the market opportunities of SANGFOR’s new products: NG Firewall and enterprise wireless. Through customer interviews, partner sharing, innovation videos, movie clips, live interactions, real experience and product demonstrations, SANGFOR partners had an all-round understanding of SANGFOR solutions in network management, optimization, security and wireless access.

During the partner summit, SANGFOR customers shared their using experience of SANGFOR products, while SANGFOR partners shared their cooperation experience with SANGFOR company in the morning;

In the afternoon, SANGFOR CEO, Mr. River He, first described the 3 development trends of future Internet, and based on this, SANGFOR’s upgrading of existing products and releasing of new products are to help customers better respond to these Internet trends and win the initiative; then, SANGFOR International Product Manager, Sunny Xie, introduced the advantages and market opportunities of SANGFOR NG Firewall; after that, SANGFOR International Product Exclusive, Ethan Chen, introduced the outstanding characteristics of SANGFOR enterprise wireless through real experience; at last, SANGFOR International Sales Exclusive, Paul Wang, shared the development status and support polices of SANGFOR partners.

During the Award Dinner Ceremony in the evening, SANGFOR totally presented 5 awards with 13 rewards to overseas partners, including Regional Fastest Growing Award, Excellent Solution Award, Industry Exploring Award, Outstanding Partner Award and Excellent Distributer Award, .and 8 awards with 64 rewards to domestic partners to express SANGFOR’s gratitude to all partners’ hard working.

The annual SANGFOR partner summit aims to report the sales performance of the previous year, look forward to the market opportunities of next year, share development strategies and convey company culture and philosophies to partners. Through this event, SANGFOR partners can feel not only the constant development and growth of SANGFOR company, but also its high attention and support on partners as well as its determination of closer cooperation with partners.

2014,SANGFOR is reloaded and will work together with partners as always to continuously create new achievements and glories in IT industry.

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