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Sangfor 2015 Customer Summit was Held Ceremoniously in Shenzhen !


With the theme of “Fusion Network Architecture, Leading Cloud Computing”, Sangfor 2015 Customer Summit was held ceremoniously on July 4th in Shenzhen. It is the 7th Customer Summit held by Sangfor, and has attracted more than 500 CIOs all over China.

“In the future of private cloud environments, super fusion architecture will become the mainstream of cloud data centers, while the architecture of traditional data centers will be flat, to achieve true cloud computing at lower cost with higher performance." Mr. River He, CEO of Sangfor, said in the keynote speech, “Under the background of mobile Internet and cloud computing, in the future, security & optimization, wireless, and virtualization will the troika of Sangfor’s business innovation.”

Then, Mr. Zhang Kaiyi, Product VP of Sangfor, officially released the product of aSV (Server Virtualization), aNet (Network Virtualization) and aSAN (Storage Virtualization), which together forms the super fusion architecture of Sangfor.

After that, Mr. Yin Hao, Technical Director of Sangfor, introduced Sangfor EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution, and shared a case study of Sangfor aDesk (Desktop Cloud).

And then, Mr. Guo Dongzi, CEO of Sundray, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sangfor, shared the combination of wireless technology with big data.

In the end, some renowned customers, such as Mr. Ning Jiajun, Director of the Expert Committee of the State Information Center; Mr. Zhang Yan, Director of Research and Strategy of COFCO Land Holdings Limited; Mr. Liu Xiaojun, Founder and Rotating Presidency of South China IT Executives; Mr. Xie Hengda, IT Director of China Merchants Bank; Xu Wei, Informatization Office Director of Shanghai University, etc. shared their stories with Sangfor.

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