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Sangfor 2016 Annual Meeting


On the 1st February 2016, Sangfor organized its Annual Meeting in Shenzhen, with more than 2300 employees participating in this event.

This Annual Meeting is Sangfor largest & biggest event in its history since it was founded in 2000, and in order to be able to gather everyone together, Sangfor rented a whole basketball stadium! Below you can see some pictures to show you the size of this event.

Each year, in order to encourage & promote innovation, Sangfor will provide a bonus of 12 months of salary to those who performed extremely well! For next year, Sangfor CEO Mr. River, officially announced that there will be a special prize of 1 million RMB for the one with the best & most innovative work.

Also with more than 55 offices in China & Overseas, each office is in competition to achieve its sales target. For those who achieved and exceeded it, holiday packages to overseas countries were offered as well.

With the Chinese New Year’s tradition, Sangfor CEO also personally gave one red envelope (with money inside...!) to each 2300 employees, followed by a big family dinner.

Fun & creativity is also part of Sangfor Annual Meeting, and that is why each year we will let each department organize their own show with dance, music, etc. Family is also important and this year we organized group weddings for our employees, to let them have a romantic and memorable time.

This 2016 Annual Meeting marked the end of 2015 and a new beginning for Sangfor. In 2015, Sangfor achieved more than 1.6 billion RMB of sales, with all product lines growing on a steady rate. New products are coming for 2016 with Virtualized and Hyper-Converged solutions to let our customers’ IT infrastructure become more efficient, reliable and secure.

Stay tuned for more information!

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