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Running Mission Critical Application and Don’t Want to Pay a Huge Premium to VMware?

Sangfor is the first Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) vendor that introduces built-in Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that delivers near zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for customers. This release also offers a simple Virtual-Machine-level backup solution for customers running VMware platform.

In today’s digital transformation, organizations of all sizes and industries must provide adequate data protection for their applications from hardware failure, data corruption, data breach, malware and plenty of human errors. For mission critical applications, data protection needs to be near real-time to avoid any data loss. However, only a small portion of organizations can afford this as existing solutions from vendors such as VMware are either none-existing, too complex, or too costly to implement.

“Many of my customers have standardized on VMware across their organizations. However, most of them found themselves pushed to a corner when they need to offer data protection”, says Jason Yuan, VP of Product and Marketing at Sangfor, “VMware DR demands a significant number of licenses that often doubles the infrastructure investment. For mission critical applications, VMware does not have its own CDP solution for their 24x7 operation. Not having CDP means a day old or even an hour old data back-up exposes business or customer data lost that they cannot afford. However, traditional CDP solutions for VMware require a significant investment that includes additional servers, storage and software licenses. The design to implementation often takes up to three months. The complexity of the project often requires expensive certified VMware and storage experts to be involved.”

Sangfor’s CDP and VMware backups are simple to deploy, customers only need two traditional servers to get started. In addition, this capability is integrated and managed via the intuitive HCI platform. The design and implementation can be done by most IT engineers without specialized training. And the total cost is a fraction of that using traditional or VMware alternatives.

Sangfor is a leading vendor of HCI.  More than 2,000 customers chose Sangfor HCI to build their datacenter since 2015. Before introducing to the international market, data protection has already been successfully implemented by fifteen customers in government, ecommerce and hospitals since February 2018.

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