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The need for increased sophistication in network security & cloud computing capabilities has never been more important, as evident by the proliferation of ransomware and malware like Locky, WannaCry, Bad Rabbit and NotPetya just to name a few gems. On a more positive note, cloud computing is stealing the IT industry limelight because of its comprehensive IT simplification, user satisfaction and business cost-reduction among countless other benefits.

Sangfor Technologies, a global leader in IT infrastructure solutions, recently conducted our Sangfor APAC Roadshow 2018 to inform and assist organizations stay ahead of the curve with their network security and cloud computing needs. With live demos, Sangfor experts explaining the latest solutions for Security & Cloud Computing and featured presentations from Sangfor partners and customers on the latest trends in Digital Transformation.

Sangfor proudly kicked off the 2018 APAC Roadshow season on April 24th with our inaugural event in Myanmar, attracting a significant number of resellers and end-users who had the opportunity to learn more about the latest trends in network security and cloud computing in Sangfor-style. Innovation should never rest and neither did we, with follow-up roadshows in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Speakers like Rochdale Spears in Vietnam, Big Data Architect in Hong Kong and partners like PhoenixNAP in Singapore shared their considerable expertise with crowds with a total of almost 1000+ APAC IT professionals who also had the opportunity to share their stories, needs and experiences with Sangfor and each other.

The IT industry is becoming more proactive to stay ahead of malware and ransomware with increasingly devastating potential for organizations of all sizes. Businesses are competing to offer more safe and simple features to their customers while increasing productivity and improving IT infrastructure. Cloud computing offers solutions for more streamlined network operations at home and in the workplace and reduced maintenance and cost investment in hardware. The risks of ignoring network security and cloud computing innovation is becoming more pronounced globally with best and brightest businesses asking “How can I improve my security levels?” and “How can I give my customer a more seamless user experience?” The Sangfor APAC Roadshow is everywhere to make sure you aren’t left behind.

Founded in 2000, Sangfor is a leading global vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in cloud computing and network security. We’ve been busy with our 2018 APAC Roadshow, but Sangfor also found time to go IPO and became a publicly traded company in Spring 2018 (SANGFOR STOCK CODE: 300454 (CH))! Our final 2018 Roadshow stop will be in South Korea in June but you can check out for more information on proactive one-stop solutions for the network security and cloud computing needs of your business and your customers.

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