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Sangfor SSL VPN: Secure Access Platform for Unified Business


Published on Jun 16, 2015
You would like to carry out your business on your Mobile? It’s not so easy.

Let’s take a look at the troubles of 3 IT managers:

Mr. A developed an App for the commonly used OA system, but ever since employees can access the enterprise intranet on their phones, the internal system is frequently the target of hackers. 

Mr. B was ordered by the Management Board to migrate the mailing system, ERP system and CRM system to mobile phones but it takes too much time & effort to develop an App for each system.

Mr. C is responsible for managing user data, but ever since the opening of App access to the business systems, his workload doubled, and every day he has to deal with a variety of new issues related to the App access.

In fact, issues related to App development and security mentioned above can all be solved with Sangfor Secure Access Platform for Unified Business in one shot!

Sangfor EasyApp solution can integrate the VPN module into Apps developed by third-party. Users must pass strict identity authentication to access the intranet system while the transmission of data is strongly encrypted. Farewell to hackers ever since.

The technology mentioned above sounds surreal, but it’s very easy to realize with Sangfor’s technology. Just upload the App program package into the backend admin interface and the device will intelligently complete the integration of VPN feature in only a few minutes. All you need to do is to upload and download.

If you develop an App for each business system, you will soon find out that this investment will be like pouring money into a bottomless pit. However, Sangfor always has an ace up his sleeves.

Adopting application virtualization technology, Sangfor EasyConnect can migrate all office systems from PCs to mobiles clients without additional development. It can help to improve work efficiency by rapidly achieve mobile office on smartphones or tablets.

After installing Sangfor EasyConnect, your smartphone will run like a mini PC. Various system programs can be executed concurrently and switched easily. With 4 kinds of scrolling modes and over 30 kinds of shortcuts, it can meet your different operating habits.

No need to worry about data security. Sangfor EasyConnect accesses the enterprise intranet via SSL VPN to make sure that the data transmission is encrypted and isolated. 7 kinds of login authentication methods ensure the legitimacy of user access and reduce security risks of system access. Even if the phone is lost, IT managers can freeze the account and remotely erase the data through the admin panel to prevent the system data from falling into the wrong hands. 

The built-in EasyFile enterprise cloud disk feature builds a mobile office environment of data exchange, which allows PC and mobile client users to upload and download files, share information with each other anytime, anywhere.

Combining the above solutions with traditional SSL VPN remote access, it can not only carry out all mobile business, but also make the work of system management easier. For the entry or departure of employees, whether the access is through PC login or mobile Apps, IT managers can manage the login account information of all systems with only 1 click, which greatly reduces the workload of management.

Sangfor already has a large number of customers who already adopted Sangfor Secure Access Platform for Unified Business to carry out mobile office more conveniently and securely!

Working on your phone, secure and convenient with Sangfor !

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