Miss Video Conference

hates the mosaics on her face

I used to have such worries...

Mosaics !

Audio does not synchronize with video !

Image lag !

Connection dropping !

Affects video conference communication !

Impossible to continue the meeting !

IT doctors cannot solve it !

Internal complaints !

Criticized by the Boss !

Upgrading the bandwidth does not help!

Use QoS to divide and guarantee the bandwidth

However wastes even more bandwidth !

But everything changed, since meeting

Mr. WANO from Sangfor

Comprehensive video conference optimization solution, solves packet loss, delay and other problems and guarantees smooth video conference.
Guarantees smooth video conference, while accelerating other business applications, improving work satisfaction and efficiency.
Provides clear network management for IT department, can always "grasp" the bandwidth resources and save line costs.

What makes Mr. WANO from Sangfor

so charming ?

Packet-Loss Optimization
Unique Patent

Unique video packet loss optimization technology, dramatically reduces data packet loss caused by cross-border, inter-carrier and other situations, improves transmission quality, and guarantees video conference results.

Bandwidth Guarantee
Flow Management

Set bandwidth guarantee channels for video conference, which can dispatch spare bandwidth between each channel intelligently according to application priorities and maximize the rational use of bandwidth resources.

Flow Visualization
Intelligent Reports

Application flow visualization for private networks, which can view the bandwidth occupation of video conference and other applications, locate bandwidth problems and provide detailed basis for further optimization.

Some users

have witnessed their love

Ministry of Civil Affairs of the P.R.C.

Audit Office of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region


China Resources


GAC- Toyota




No. 1 for WAN Optimization in the Chinese market

Accelerated VPN Networking

- Similar speed to dedicated line

- But in lower investment cost

Dedicated Line Optimization

- Boost speed of dedicated line

- Save costs of bandwidth upgrade

Business Application Acceleration

- Intelligent acceleration of application systems

- Effective improvement of work efficiency

Video Conference Optimization

- Clear and smooth video conference

- Best experience for office coordination

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