Why Us

Choose the Right Track, Ride the Wave

Choose the Right Track, Ride the Wave

The B2B industry is on the rise. Instead of competing in an overcrowded field, isn’t it smarter to lead in a less contested one?

Lead among Peers, Achieve the Extraordinary

Lead among Peers, Achieve the Extraordinary

Our belief in youth extends beyond their age. We entrust newcomers with significant opportunities, demonstrating our confidence in their potential for greatness.

Simple and Loving, with a Human Touch

Simple, Heartfelt, and Human-Centric

At Sangfor, we’re more than just a just a company; we’re a culture. We value practical action and collective effort, advocate open and honest communication, and avoid empty talk.

Right-Fit Ambition for a Bright Future

Ambition Fit for a Bright Future

We’re neither too large to be inflexible nor too small to face challenges. Our ideal size enables us to quickly turn potential into strength, ensuring our dreams are achieved.

Sangfor's Culture in a Glance

The Ultimate Pursuit of Innovation

Sangfor fosters a culture of continuous innovation through various avenues, including patent application awards, monthly innovation awards, and million yuan-worth innovation awards.

The ultimate pursuit of innovation

Equality and Openness

At our company, we cultivate a warm and inclusive working environment where every colleague is valued and empowered to freely express their opinions, irrespective of their position.

Equality and openness

Rapid Growth

As Sangfor continues its rapid expansion, the challenges in business and management remain dynamic. Transitioning from leading a small team of 10 to now overseeing a thriving team of over 50, our skills in business and management have significantly evolved.

Grow very fast

Comprehensive Care

Our commitment to all-round care extends to providing a range of benefits, including afternoon tea gatherings, team-building activities, thoughtful festival gifts, regular medical checkups, and more.

All-round caring

Global Reach and Expansion

Sangfor is a leading global corporation with a strong emphasis on international business development. With established branches in key regions such as Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, South Korea, Italy, Pakistan, UAE, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Mainland China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Colombia, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia, we have a wide-reaching presence with a keen eye on further expansion.

A global corporation with a wide reach

Empowering Newcomers with Key Opportunities

Upon joining the company, I discovered a million-yuan business opportunity and eagerly shared it with my department leader, hoping for their attention and support. To my delight, I was entrusted with the role of project leader. With the invaluable guidance of my mentor, we navigated through challenges and successfully delivered on this venture. Sangfor's distinctive culture of daring to entrust significant projects to newcomers not only fosters innovation but also empowers individuals to excel and contribute meaningfully to our collective success.

-- Zhang Fan, China


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