Statement on Unauthorized Merchants and Individuals Selling Sangfor Products on Various E-Commerce Platforms

Dear users and partners:

Thanks to strong, long-term support from users and partners over the years, Sangfor Technologies Inc. (hereinafter referred as to” Sangfor Technologies”) has gradually developed and expanded, and its presence has continued to broaden throughout the industry. This statement is to address some recent concerns regarding some e-commerce platforms appearing to sell Sangfor products.

In order to avoid the dissatisfaction that could come with buying used, damaged, or unofficial Sangfor products and to protect the rights and interests of users and partners, Sangfor hereby declares that:

1. Sangfor Technologies is a network service provider that offers devices and solutions for enterprise customers, not for households and personal customers. Only authorized distributors/service partners with a Sangfor Certification can combine the user's network status and the performance of Sangfor devices to adequately provide users with Sangfor solutions, and continue to provide operation and maintenance services. "Sellers" appearing on e-commerce platforms do not have the capability to offer customized solutions and technical services for users.

2. The partners who provide and sell Sangfor devices and solutions to users must have experts who have passed Sangfor Technologies certification requirements, and these partners and providers must have obtained distribution authorization directly from Sangfor Technologies. Sangfor Technologies has never authorized any merchants or individuals on Taobao, JD, Amazon, Lazada, Shopee or any other e-commerce platforms to sell its devices.

3. If the user purchases Sangfor devices, solutions or services through authorized channels, Sangfor Technologies will also provide users with product and service licenses, as well as establish an operation and maintenance service system to protect the rights and interests of users. However, these rights and interests cannot be guaranteed for buyers who obtain products through unauthorized channels.

4. "Sellers" of Sangfor products on various e-commerce platforms may be selling counterfeit devices or may not have any devices at all. Sangfor urges users and partners to be aware of those facts when planning to buy Sangfor products. For any products sold on any e-commerce platform bearing "Sangfor" trademarks, Sangfor Technologies does not guarantee its product quality or authenticity, and shall not be liable for any damages or any legal responsibilities which are the result of the use of those products. If the aforementioned seller does not deliver the product, the seller shall carry all the responsibility, and Sangfor Technologies will not participate in any relevant legal liabilities.

5. For “sellers” who counterfeit registered trademarks of Sangfor Technologies and e-commerce platforms that refuse to undertake regulatory obligations after being identified as involved in trademark infringement, Sangfor Technologies reserves the right to pursue legal remedies.

Sangfor Technologies