Sangfor Unified Hybrid Cloud: A Cloud that Evolves with You

Sangfor provides simple, resilient, and secure cloud solutions for core data centers, remote offices/branch offices, and edge locations in your cloud journey. Starting with a Private Cloud based on Sangfor Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), you can evolve to Unified Hybrid Cloud by extending your on-premises data center to Sangfor Managed Cloud Services (MCS). Sangfor MCS is delivered using the same underlying HCI infrastructure and technology stack, ensuring seamless integration and workload portability. You have the flexibility to run your applications on-premises or in the cloud for optimized performance, cost, and security—all managed from a centralized cloud management platform.

Simplify your cloud journey with substantial value​.

Sangfor Hybrid Cloud Solution Framework

Sangfor Hybrid Cloud Solution Framework

Sangfor Unified Hybrid Cloud

Sangfor Unified Hybrid Cloud

Key Capabilities

Unified View & Management

Unified Management Console

unified view management

  • Quick Readiness without Extra Cost: No additional charges and alterations for Sangfor Cloud Platform (SCP). Link your managed cloud account with one click to quickly obtain cloud resources.

  • Unified User Experiences: SCP centralizes the management of both private and managed clouds with a unified web management console. It provides a unified view of the application status and resource utilization of both clouds.

  • Better Control: On-prem SCP serves as the unified web console for the hybrid cloud without exposing any ports to the public.

One-Click Free Trial

One-Click Free Trial

  • Quick Trial Activation: Obtain a one-month free trial of resources, with free migration services.
  • Minimal Startup, On-Demand Expansion: HCI-based architecture, start with a minimum of 2 nodes; Dedicated Compute Host (1 node or above); Dedicated Resource Pool ( 2 nodes or above); shared zone (on-demand resources).

Unified Monitoring with SkyOps (AIOps Engine)


Unified Monitoring with SkyOps (AIOps Engine) 2

Cloud Interconnect

Cloud Interconnect


  • Low cost: There is no need to purchase special networking equipment. Using Internet lines and free Cloud Interconnect components, you can quickly establish layer 2 connections between the on-premises data center and managed cloud.
  • Easy deployment: With a deployment wizard to guide you, you can quickly complete hybrid cloud deployment in a few simple steps.
  • Flexible networking: Supports layer 2/layer 3 connections to meet flexible networking needs.
  • Low overhead: 1 CPU core and 2GB RAM support 300Mbps+ throughput.

Business Values:

  • Secure Integration: Sangfor Managed Cloud supports custom subnets that mirror the on-premises configurations. In the hybrid cloud setup, applications can securely interact with each other via inter-cloud tunnels that isolate communication from other subnets.
  • Flexible Cloud Migration: No need to modify private IPs when migrating to the cloud, network configurations remain unchanged, and applications are unaffected; core services can be flexibly migrated to the cloud in batches at the level of individual hosts.
  • Convenient Disaster Recovery: Disaster recovery failover does not require changing IPs; supports on-demand failover at the level of virtual machines; the deployment location for applications such as databases can be flexibly selected; the cluster can be used just like in the local network with high availability.

Ready-to-Use Cloud Disaster Recovery

Ready-to-Use Cloud Disaster Recovery

Use Cases

Enjoy the Benefits of Private Cloud & Public Cloud with Sangfor Hybrid Cloud Solution

Organizations across industries are turning to cloud computing to accelerate their time to market and reduce TCO with agility and scalability. Cloud comes in different flavors. Among them, hybrid cloud is proving to be the present and future of mainstream cloud deployment. Watch this whiteboard video to take a deeper look at Sangfor Hybrid Cloud architecture, its use cases, and why it is the perfect solution for your digital transformation.

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