Sangfor Warranty Policy

Sangfor Worldwide Care Service provides a limited and non-transferable warranty for all SANGFOR products. Sangfor warrants that the products will be free from material defects in manufacturing and materials and perform substantially in conformance with their published specifications during the warranty period.

Any third party products that are (a) not manufactured by Sangfor, (b) not embedded within products manufactured by Sangfor, or (c) identified as separate items on Sangfor's price list or quotes shall be subject exclusively to the manufacturer's warranty for such products.

Software Warranty

The software warranty period is one (1) year from the *thirtieth date after shipment:

  • The media on which the software is furnished will be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.
  • The software substantially conforms to its published specifications. Except for the foregoing, the software is provided AS IS. In no event does Sangfor warrant that the Software is error-free,
  • that the Product will operate with any software or hardware other than that provided by Sangfor or specified in the documentation, or that the Product will satisfy Customer's own specific
  • requirements.

Hardware Warranty

The hardware warranty period is one (1) year from the **thirtieth date after shipment.

Return Material Authorization (RMA)
Products returned to SANGFOR must be pre-authorized by SANGFOR with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Before returning any Product, Customer must contact Sangfor Support and obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number by calling the designated support telephone number. If Sangfor Support verifies that the Product is likely to be defective, Sangfor will issue Customer an RMA number, which allows Customer to return the defective unit to Sangfor for repair or replacement.

Only packages with RMA numbers written on the outside of the shipping carton and/or the packing slips and shipping paperwork will be accepted by SANGFOR's receiving department. All other packages will be rejected. If Customer ships the Product on their own account, Customer assumes the risk of damage or loss in transit. Customer must use the original container (or the equivalent); Customer will be responsible for any damage in transit if Customer fails to use adequate packaging. Sangfor will provide customers with the shipping address at the time of RMA issuance.

Since the warranty period starting date to 90 days, the hardware failure is defined as DOA (man-made surface scratch and other defects that do not affect the device function will not be deemed as DOA). Sangfor will send the brand new replacement in one day after hardware failure been confirmed (DOA confirmed after 15:00 will be dispatched before the next day at noon). For quick replacement, customer should send the failure device with the original package back to the designated address with 5 days after receiving the replacement device, otherwise should pay for the replacement device with the purchase price.

Repair or Replace
Sangfor may replace or repair the Product with either a new or reconditioned Product.

Customer's exclusive remedy and the entire liability of SANGFOR under this limited warranty and any other guarantee made by SANGFOR is, at SANGFOR's option, to repair or replace any Product or component that fails during the warranty period at no cost to customer.

Sangfor shall not be responsible for any software, firmware, information, or memory data contained in, stored on, or integrated with any hardware or software returned to Sangfor. Prior to returning any products to Sangfor, all confidential information must be erased from any storage media.

This warranty excludes damage or failure resulting from abuse, misuse, alteration or unauthorized movement, acts of nature or disaster, or unauthorized repair or installation. Sangfor does not warrant that the operation of products will be uninterrupted or error-free or that the products are not vulnerable to fraud or unauthorized use.

Technical support for software during the warranty period requires a valid Sangfor service contract.

The foregoing limited warranties extend only to the original Customer and do not apply if:

  • Hardware Series number (SN) off, damaged, or blurred.
  • Due to improper transportation, handling, using, maintenance, custody, and other man-made failures by the buyer, e.g. lightning, over-voltage, over-current, water, etc.
  • Damages caused by not following the operation instructions (including software, hardware upgrades.
  • Returning devices which not confirmed by SANGFOR's Customers Service Center.
  • The damage caused by pulling the plug, hot-swap module, cable as charged.
  • Detach, repair or modify the device without SANGFOR's authorization.
  • Applied maintenance product model, SN does not match with the returned set.
  • Failure due to force majeure such as earthquakes, floods, etc.
  • New performance requirements from customers that exceed the manufacturer's promises as purchased.
  • Other problems beyond the quality of the product itself.

SANGFOR should not assume the below responsibilities according to these warranty clauses:
Direct or indirect economic loss caused by customer data loss due to device suspension.

*&**: the hardware and software warranty period is one (1) year from the one hundred and eightieth date after shipment in the European area.