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Evolution of Ransomware

Basic Security Tips to Safeguard from Ransomware

Let's have a look at the history and evolution of Ransomware and some basic tips for your organization to make infrastructure secure.

History and Evolution new - innovations

Sangfor Botnet Detection

Sangfor's Neural-X uses a set of advanced deep learning, visual calculation, and flow analysis technologies to enable more effective Botnet Detection and scanning.

Botnet Detection
Sangfor Engine Zero

Sangfor Engine Zero

Innovative malware detection engine powered by artificial intelligence. It has been created to ensure that zero threats will affect your network and give you complete and holistic protection against zero-day vulnerabilities.

Sangfor zSAND

A virtual dynamic execution technology designed to detect unknown malware. Sangfor ZSand detonates suspected malware in a safe, controlled environment and monitors the abnormal behaviors of these files for future recognition and prevention.

Sangfor Threat Intelligence

Sangfor Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is organized, analyzed and refined information that enables organizations to understand, assess and prevent against known and severe risks.

BI & Analytics Solutions

The newest major innovation within Sangfor IAG. It is based on IAG's massive internet log and is the ideal network management solution for Small & Medium enterprises.

Business Intelligence
Sangfor Neural-X

Sangfor Neural-X

Neural-X is at the center of a sophisticated web of Sangfor developed network security elements. It powers and expands security detection capabilities for Sangfor's network, endpoint, and security-as-a-service offerings.

Sangfor Next-Gen WAF

An Application Layer Firewall Solution that uses machine and deep learning to analyze attack behaviors, enhancing detection rates and decreasing false positives.

Next-Gen WAF
Sangfor Security GPT

Sangfor Security GPT

Powering A New Era of Intelligent and Automated Security Operations