Sangfor Care Services

We care for your business as your success is our target.

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    Sangfor Care Services comprises a dedicated care service team that provides professional assistance to the customers holistically. Sangfor Care Services is available in four levels: Standard, Advanced, Premium, and Premium Plus. Each level is capable of offering technical support, software support, and hardware maintenance.

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    Sangfor Care Services is crafted to meet the need of customers from different industries, be it from SMEs or Multinational Enterprises. There is always a right support plan that perfectly fits your business.

Sangfor Care Services

Our Hotline

Local National Number:

Global: +60 127117511 (7129)

Thailand: +66 2508 8627

Indonesia: +62 81310996626

Singapore: +65 3158 1669

Hong Kong: +852 5803 7758

Toll-Free Number:

Sangfor Care Service

Severity Level Technical Support Hardware Maintenance
Standard 9 x 5 RTF: Return To Factory (5 Business days   ship   after receipt)
Advanced 9 x 5 SDS: Same day shipment (Not Guaranteed   Arrival)
Premium 9 x 5 NBD: Guaranteed Next business day arrival
Premium Plus 24 x 7 24×7×4: Guaranteed 4-hour arrival, 7 days   a week
*On-site support is optional

Sangfor Warranty Policy
Hardware & Software Warranty
Automatic start activate from 30 days after shipment for 1 year

Support and Operational Service Brochure

Contact Us

Local National Number

Global: +60 127117511 (7129)

Thailand: +66 2508 8627

Indonesia: +62 81310996626

Singapore: +65 3158 1669

Hong Kong: +852 5803 7758


Toll-free Numbers

Italy: +39 800715068

Macau: +853 68258565


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