Whenever an infrastructure topic is raised, it’s highly probable that reliability is involved and discussed. Indeed, in this internet connected world, applications must be accessible 24x7, presenting great challenges to the underlying infrastructure platform. Data center infrastructure should, and must be, robust enough to accommodate SLA of applications (99.99% of the time), and that robustness needs to be designed into the architecture from the bottom to top. Let’s take a look at the layers that need to be considered when building a highly reliable and available data center infrastructure platform.


Data layer

The value of data has been realized as the oil in the digital age. So long as data exists, it is an everlasting task to ensure its integrity and security. There are many ways to protect it, from traditional RAID, multi-replica and erasure coding, to snapshot, CDP and backup. Whatever way suits you depends on your desired protection level and budget.

Network layer

The network is vitally important to connect the flesh and bone of data centers. It needs to have built-in redundancy from access and core to load balancer and gateway. Technologies like link aggregation, switching stacks and VRRP can also be used.


Compute layer

Unlike traditional physical servers, virtualization usually has natively built-in HA to ensure availability of the compute layer.

Business layer

Applications serve business needs, meaning they must have the highest availability within a data center or across multiple data centers. Local site HA keeps applications available between hosts, and cross-site DR protects them beyond data centers. Solutions like a stretched cluster can be adopted, should the highest availability be required.

As you can see, building a highly reliable and robust data center infrastructure is not easy at all, given that so many factors must be considered. Sangfor HCI is the ideal platform to massively ease the burden. By consolidating multiple infrastructure layers into one, not only does HCI reduce the data center footprint and simplify operations, but also makes data center reliability easier to achieve. Sangfor HCI puts reliability at the center of its design. From multi-copy storage mechanisms, integrated backup, CDP and natively built-in HA, to active-passive disaster recovery and active-active stretched cluster, Sangfor HCI offers a 1-stop, and comprehensive reliability scheme that customers can choose to deploy on demand. Data integrity and business availability can be assured with maximum protection so that business owners can sit back and keep innovation pumping into their core business.

Why Sangfor?

Sangfor Technologies is an APAC-based, global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing. Visit us at www.sangfor.com to learn more about Sangfor’s Security solutions, and let Sangfor make your IT simpler, more secure and valuable.


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