Features & Capabilities


  • Correlated security for users, network and transmission levels.
  • AI-based web filtering and access control keep the user protected from phishing, malware, virus, and ransomware websites.



  • SIER simplifies deployment and operations by freeing up 80% of IT resources.
  • Deploy a branch device in minutes with Sangfor zero-touch provisioning with easy set-up and configuration by any staff member with any degree of IT knowledge.



  • Greatly improves business availability.
  • Supports critical app traffic with imperceptible fail-over.
  • Automatically selects the best quality link for critical applications based on QoE (latency, packets loss, jitter)
  • Bonding multiple WAN links for core business.


  • Optimization engines help improve work efficiency by 3-10 times.
  • JET Engine: Advanced automatic FEC technology makes a smooth video conference possible. Guaranteed speed improvement of 3-10 times in high packet loss network.


Customer Success Stories

Below you will find all the Success Stories with Secure Internet Gateway, classified by Industry, such as Enterprises, Governments, Schools & Universities, etc.


JD Logistics


JD Logistics


Sangfor Intelligent Edge Router SIER - Simplicity and Intelligence Your Branch Network

Sangfor Intelligent Edge Router SIER - Simplicity and Intelligence Your Branch Network

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Frequently Asked Question

An edge router, or access router, is a specialized router designed to sit at the edge or boundary of a network. Edge routers allow the internal network to communicate with external and remote networks. In contrast, core routers are located in the middle of the network and provide internal communication.