The move to 5G has been a hot topic in the tech world lately, and it’s obviously more than just a trend. In the same way networking was augmented by 4G and LTE, 5G is the next generation of speed, power and connection.

Is 5G going to change the way we interact with technology on a daily basis? Absolutely.  5G is poised to go way beyond enabling more stable phone calls and internet browsing. With 20G/bps or higher and only milliseconds of latency (especially compared to the slower LTE and 4G networks) organizations are increasingly empowered and encouraged to embrace digital transformation, to enable faster and easier data and transactional functions in the edge cloud. Widespread adoption of 5G makes public and private cloud and centralized data centers feel restrictive (did you ever think you’d hear that?) and opens up a whole new world of connectivity.

So, what specific industries will we see directly affected by 5G and digital transformation? Experts say to expect to see exponentially expanded connection between people, devices, appliances, transportation and city infrastructure. While the increased connection between people and IoT devices is self-explanatory, consider all the transportation (self-driving and smart cars, trains and subway networks) we rely on to get us from point A to point B. Manufacturing is becoming increasingly automated, rolling out everything from those smart cars to the food we eat on assembly lines, all controlled digitally. Consider the never-ending flow of water and electricity and 24/7 public services like police, fire and hospitals. Taking healthcare as an example, consider the possibilities 5G opens up in the realm of instantaneous access to medical records, automated precision or remote-control surgery and even telemedicine and remote treatment and recovery.

We could go on and on about 5G potential, but with all this newly discovered power, how do we protect ourselves in this new technological realm? It goes without saying that if you aren’t considering security from the jump, you are already behind the 5G curve. If everything is interconnected, doesn’t it track that it would be easier for parties with malicious intentions (or even irritating intentions like putting a few choice words on a highway billboard) to gain access to, well, absolutely EVERYTHING from your smart car to your smart toilet?

Security Blanket:

5G means that security needs to be a broadly applied element covering everything and everyone in the network, giving new meaning to the words “security blanket.”

Digital Transformation:

Those waiting out the “digital transformation trend” are sadly mistaken. Taking advantage of 5G speed makes this a must, but also enables the type of protection needed to detect threats in real time and shut them down.


There is a reason the manufacturing industry is becoming more automated. Human beings simply aren’t capable of the type of power and speed that come with machines and technology. More automated threats (botnets, cryptomining and ransomware) mean more automated protection is needed.


Proactive protection methods need to be strong, fast and merciless. Sitting back and waiting for an attack and then responding is already an outdated mindset, and when a single breach means all-around-access to everything, proactive strength becomes the name of the game.

You can either buy a ticket to the 5G bullet train or stay at the station and wait for the steam engine. But while you’re train to take off, start thinking about security.

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