The lack of qualified talent in the IT industry has been unpacked, repacked and repackaged in 100 different ways. A quick search of the phrase “IT talent shortage” shows you article after article bemoaning the lack of IT talent in the market with eye-catching titles like “The Tech Talent Gap is Even Larger Than You Thought” and “Talent Shortage Emerging as a Top Risk for Organizations.” Buried among the din is the somewhat exasperated and noticeable article “3 Reasons The Tech Talent Shortage is a Lie.” Wait!  We are being lied too? Well this is drama we’d like to explore!

Shannon Vize, Content Strategist and MKTG Team Lead at Mondo is, at best, annoyed. She blames the perceived lack of available talent on several different elements including:

Businesses not investing the time and money to internally develop their current tech talent.
Organizations attempting to attract new talent with “…ping pong tables and open work environments” in leu of autonomy, passion projects and of course, higher salaries.

So, yes Shannon Vize works for Mondo, a talent resourcing agency, but does this mean she’s wrong? Liz Ryan, past Fortune 500 HR SVP and Forbes Contributor is just as frustrated as Vize with the perceived shortage, writing in her witty and fun-to-read article “The Truth About The Talent Shortage” that employers often have pie-in-the-sky expectations that candidates will have “…ten million years of this and four hundred thousand years of that…” and are willing to work longer hours for lower salaries, take on more responsibility, brave the ever-changing and challenging threat landscape, won’t require future training and will suffer through a lengthy (sometimes +3 month) hiring process.  The list of complex issues IT professionals are responsible for is longer and more frustrating than that last paragraph-length sentence. “Get real in your hiring, stop blaming imaginary talent shortages for your problems…” Ryan says!

So, lack of talent or no lack of talent (who can tell) what does this mean for SMB’s without the budget, time and resources for the costly search agencies, higher salaries or even ping pong tables? What can you do to attract the talent that is already out there searching for you? 2019 IT budgets being largely allocated to upgrading aging infrastructure, digital transformation to the cloud and user experience – not to higher salaries for IT professionals and more internal training and development – how can companies really get the security, transformation and cutting-edge talent that they need without breaking the bank?

Consider taking that IT budget allocated to digital transformation, cloud computing and infrastructure and investing exactly where it’s been earmarked – but with a twist. Invest in cost-saving, labour reducing AI and automated infrastructure and systems, designed to enable your existing IT talent and attract new talent.

Investment in a secure web gateway helps administrators easily manage BYOD, IoT, internet bandwidth, application control, URL filters, traffic control, information control, illegal hotspot/proxy control, behaviour analysis and wireless network management – all from one console. Investment in the RIGHT SWG with intelligent traffic management, intuitive reporting, effective data recording and value added services like flexible authentication methods (SMS, social media or QR code) and unified management take the pressure off your IT staff.
Investment in a fully integrated firewall solution means a holistic overview of the entire security network with ease of management for administration and O&M. Automated security features (the right ones!) mean alerts, advice on security and proactive and automatic protection and ease of use. IT administrators love security solutions which eliminate the need to scour thousands of logs – they need to see the risk immediately to proactively defend against threats!
A hyper converged infrastructure gives IT administrators simplified operation, high performance, scalability and reduced TCO.
A virtual desktop solution has proven essential to those needing ease of management of multiple consoles in addition to ease of use and management – eliminating the need for a host of experienced IT professionals to operate a hoard of machines (like on a university or hospital campus).

About Sangfor Technologies
Sangfor Technologies isn’t experiencing a lack of talent. We have over 4000 of the best and brightest right here! We work closely with our customers to develop innovative products designed with today’s IT needs and professionals in mind.

Sangfor IAM goes beyond a basic SWG, while our Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is integrated with intelligent and AI enabled security features not found with many other vendors. Our HCI (Hyper Converged Infrastructure) simplifies operation, boosts performance and scalability and reduces TCO while our VDI makes organization-wide management simple and effective. Don’t forget to check out our newest security features like Sangfor Security Butler for automated security monitoring of your system.

Get in touch with us at to check out the host of network optimization, network security and cloud computing solutions which are already solving the “lack of talent” issue. Stop spending money and time searching for the talent who “have it all” and start investing and enabling the talent you already have! It’ll be less stressful. We promise.
Founded in 2000 and a publicly traded company as of 2018 (SANGFOR STOCK CODE: 300454 (CH)) Sangfor Technologies is the global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Cloud Computing and Network Security.

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