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Sangfor is proud to announce their Virtual Innovation Summit 2020 will be organized on the 20th October 2020. Sangfor customers & partners from across the globe will once again meet, in the midst the COVID-19 pandemic, in a safe and secure digital environment, to learn and network with C-level IT industry executives and leaders and our peers from across the world.

Ransomware-Related Death in Germany

The 1st ransomware-related death, which occurred in Germany this week, has the public fascinated & frightened. A woman in need of life-saving treatment died after a ransomware attack struck Duesseldorf University Clinic in Germany, “crippled the entire IT network of the hospital”. In the event of a ransomware attack, Incident Response (IR) can be used to locate the malware, which can then be contained and can be used to determine what steps need to be taken to stop the attack. Sangfor IR is currently free of charge for all public healthcare institutions located in Southeast Asia.

COVID-19 Impact on Small Business & BYOD

The world is becoming increasingly and grudgingly aware of the dangers posed to all businesses by malicious ransomware and malware, increasingly designed to take advantage of the newly-mobile workforce who have no choice but to suddenly rely on BYOD devices as a lifeline. Why are SME’s so vulnerable to infiltration? Why IR services is becoming a crucial element?

Dharma Makes Ransomware Available to Everyone - Even You

What is Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) and where have we seen it deployed before? RaaS is a malware designed by professional coders, designed to be launched against a target quickly and without the need to be an expert coder, hacker, or cyber-criminal. With the number of ransomware attacks increasing exponentially (Dharma ransomware being one of the newest RaaS) and the hacking process getting easier, the only hope businesses have is effective protection before the event occurs. Better, faster and more agile network security is needed to combat this issue.

Global Ransomware Incident Tracking - 1st Edition

Recently, more and more ransomware incidents took place all around the globe. It involved well-known malware variants such as Nefilim & Dharma Ransomware. Let us take this opportunity to track some of these recent cyberattacks and see how they happened.

Global Ransomware Incident Tracking - 2nd Edition

Recently, attacks from malware variants such as Sodinokibi, SunCrypt & Netwalker Ransomware have dramatically increased and have been targeted more & more organizations, including governmental institutions. Let us take this opportunity to track some of these recent cyberattacks and see how they happened in this new Global Ransomware Incident Tracking edition.


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