Sangfor NG-CDI Accelerates Digital Transformation for Healthcare Industry

Better IT systems are the key to better healthcare services. Healthcare institutions require an architecture which can handle multiple IoT devices and a converged, secure, reliable and ever-evolving digital application infrastructure. Sangfor understands that healthcare organizations are under pressure to both heal and support their community while ensuring the security of patient data. And Sangfor is here to support the healthcare organizations.
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Sangfor's Guide to Building an Optimal Hybrid Strategy

The IaaS public cloud market grew by 40% in 2020 to reach 64.3 billion USD. Multiple choices are available for the public, private and hybridcloud. How do you decide which is right for your business? Hyperconverged Infrastructure is not one-size-fits-all or all-size-fits-one. Know your options before updating or deploying your next cloud solution. Hybrid cloud is proving to be the way of the future.
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Sangfor Security Researchers Invited to Present Findings at DEFCON 2021

Sangfor is proud to announce their presentation – Don't Dare to Exploit - An Attack Surface Tour of SharePoint Server – at DEFCON 29 in Las Vegas on August 7, 2021, outlining several previously unknown SharePoint attack surfaces, mitigations to these attack surfaces, and how these mitigations can be bypassed. The exploits will be demonstrated during the 45-minute presentation.
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Tokyo Olympics 2021: Hackers Going for The Gold?

Olympic-sized technology promises Olympic-sized problems in the event of cyber-attack. What new technologies are being used at the Tokyo Olympics 2021, and how could they potentially be turned against us for theft or profit? Cybersecurity experts are watching along with the rest of the world as the games begin today. With almost every device in the world tuned into this global event, what should cybersecurity experts watch out for in Tokyo 2021?
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To Pay or Not to Pay - Dealing with Ransomware Demands

The likelihood of your business suffering ransomware and malware attack grows daily. No one is immune – every company is expected to brush up against ransomware at some point. How do you decide if you will pay a ransom demand, or leave the attackers out in the cold? With the right ransomware protection and cyber threat hunting tools, this decision is easy.
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Sangfor IAG – Secure Internet Access

Sangfor Internet Access Gateway was designed to provide comprehensive and secure internet access with high visibility into users, augmented audit, and unified network management, all working together to uncover hidden threats and manage applications running in your network environment.
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